A Better Way to WAN

    Talari offers businesses a better way to WAN by bringing real-time, packet-level intelligence to the network, creating a Software Defined THINKING WAN (SD-WAN) that results in increased capacity, improved reliability, higher quality and lower costs across MPLS WANs, Hybrid WANs and WAN to Cloud configurations. With Talari, applications are not impacted by underlying network issues, user productivity is unencumbered and the business can finally run at full speed with ease. Learn more >

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    Every Packet Counts

    Talari’s patented adaptive private networking technology facilitates quality–based routing not just policy-based routing, making the network smart. Latency, packet loss and jitter are measured on each path for a comprehensive and intelligent view to micro-manage network quality. Outages go unnoticed as traffic is redirected proactively in milliseconds. And, selective packet duplication ensures business-critical applications just work. Learn more >

    Packet Pushers Weekly Show

    PART 1: SD-WAN Technology Defined

    PART 2: Lessons Learned from SD-WAN Deployments

    WAN Awesomization in Action

    Talari's Software Defined THINKING WAN is helping businesses everywhere make their network smart so they are free to be brilliant, inventive, competitive and successful. With over 50% of the SD-WAN market, Talari is the leader. Watch video to learn more >

    Gartner: Technology Overview for SD-WAN

    Complimentary Report - Gartner: Technology Overview for SD-WAN

    SD-WAN is an emerging technology that offers several benefits compared with traditional, router-based WANs. Network decision makers can achieve cost savings, increased agility and simplification with an SD-WAN. Download this report to get Gartner’s analysis and recommendations.

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