Talari Product Family

When facing the need for more bandwidth, an intolerance for network outages, a strategic direction to move to the cloud, or pressure to cut costs, companies turn to Talari's Software Defined THINKING WAN solution. Talari is creating a better WAN, one with more reliability and quality with affordable broadband lines transformed into an enterprise-class network.

It does this by creating a WAN that thinks for itself, adapting automatically to changing conditions, demands and priorities. By understanding a company's applications and priorities, measuring with every packet the quality of the underlying network, and knowing the incoming bandwidth demand from throughout the network, Talari has the insights to make smart decisions in real-time. And the insights are collected and aggregated for later analysis by IT to help them understand how the WAN performed, how it was utilized, and what quality applications received as they traversed the network.

Talari has a range of products to provide exactly the functionality needed for each network. Talari appliances of different sizes can be seamlessly added to existing networks to deliver more bandwidth, reduced WAN operating expenses, and add greater reliability than traditional WANs. Talari virtual appliances for the cloud can run in a public cloud and allow the cloud to be treated like another location on the WAN, bringing control, manageability and visibility to the cloud access network. And Talari's management system, Talari Aware, can be used to configure the network, to see network and application status, and to run reports on network and application quality.

Benefits of Software Defined THINKING WAN with Talari

  • Applications work without interruption, even in the case of link failure or network impairments such as high jitter, delay, or packet loss.
  • Traffic is prioritized during times of congestion, ensuring that critical or real-time traffic receives priority across the network
  • Bandwidth reservation and reliable QoS are available even with best effort networks that don't have inherent QoS, allowing those networks to be relied upon in conjunction with or instead of MPLS
  • Features such as packet duplication and packet level intelligence ensure that sessions are not interrupted and VoIP calls are not dropped
  • Performance of bandwidth intensive applications and large file transfers will be Improved as each application session can use all WAN links
  • Access to cloud applications will be reliable and secure, allowing business critical and real-time applications to move to the cloud
  • Consistently poor performing links can be identified and the information can be made available to network planners so that alternative providers can be considered.
  • Links approaching saturation can be detected and additional bandwidth added in a timely manner.

Talari Enabled-WAN

Features of a THINKING WAN with Talari

Per-packet path selection for application continuity

With Talari, path selection is performed for every single data packet. Per-packet path selection allows sub-second switchover to a better path in the middle of an application session if the current path becomes unavailable or its performance degrades. As a result, the application session will not be interrupted and the switchover is totally seamless, even for real-time applications such as VoIP.

Accurate and continuous WAN health monitoring for better user experience

Talari's forwarding decisions are based on the appliances' automated collection of rich real-time information. Talari Appliances continuously monitor the health of each network path and measure performance metrics relevant to IP networks such as one-way packet delay, jitter, and packet loss.

Resiliency at low price

Talari enables network managers to use multiple WAN connections—existing private WANs such as MPLS, as well as any kind of Internet links, such as DSL, cable, fiber, Metro Ethernet, etc.—to augment or replace individual private WAN connections. Talari Appliances use end-to-end algorithms to react in sub-second to not just link failures but also congestion-related network problems, enabling businesses to use low-cost Internet links and unpredictable wireless links to create an enterprise class WAN, thus saving money while increasing available bandwidth.

Dynamic bandwidth management and aggregation

With its patented technology, Talari can increase bandwidth by leveraging Internet links that are today only used as VPN backup connections and/or for local Internet access. The bandwidth management algorithm is dynamic and takes into account instantaneous use of bandwidth by local and remote sites. Additionally, per-packet path selection allows each application session to use all available WAN links, resulting in better application performance and more satisfied users. Policies can be established for up to different classes of application traffic, ensuring that in cases of poor quality lines or restricted bandwidth higher priority real-time applications can take precedence over lower priority processes such as file backup.

Full featured element and performance management system

Talari Aware is a centralized management system that gives IT staff the ability to configure, monitor, and analyze a Talari THINKING WAN. Using Talari Aware reduces configuration time as well as the number of errors that can occur and provides access to detailed performance data and events correlated across the WAN. This results in an easy to manage network with unprecedented visibility into network quality and application performance that provides the IT team with insights to make strategic decisions about their network and service providers.