Talari Appliances

There’s a Talari Appliance for every location in the network – from small office to large data center to call center to cloud. Whether aggregating two T1s or supporting 5 Gbps of WAN capacity, each Talari Appliance has features and performance honed by years of operating in thousands of locations around the globe in a variety of industries.

The Talari Appliance T5200 contains optical fiber interfaces for use in data centers and large offices with a 10Gig fiber infrastructure. The Talari Appliance T5000 is available for large central sites such as call centers and data centers and is optimized for a very large number of small packets, typical of applications such as VoIP. The Talari Appliance T3010  is ideal for data centers and headquarters. The Talari Appliance T860 can be used in medium data centers and large branch offices. The Talari Appliance E100 supports smaller data centers, larger branch offices and medium sized remote offices. And to bring reliability and increased bandwidth to locations typically served by IPsec VPNs, Talari offers the small office/home office Talari Appliance T510.

Companies that want to standardize on commoditized hardware can use the Talari Virtual Appliance VT800, an on premises software-only appliance which runs in the VMWare vSphere virtual server.

And companies who want to improve the reliability and quality of their Internet access can deploy the Talari Virtual Appliance CT800, which is available specifically for Amazon Web Services and acts as a gateway to IaaS location, SaaS applications and Internet sites.

Talari’s family of appliances scale easily to fit the needs of every location in your business. The following table compares appliance models.

Freedom of choice enabled by flexible deployment and acquisition options

Talari, with its physical, virtual and cloud appliances, offers enterprises the freedom to choose the underlying services infrastructure that meets their SD-WAN deployment needs. This freedom of choice carries forward into how an SD-WAN is acquired as well. With Talari, enterprises can choose a traditional CAPEX-focused perpetual license or an OPEX-based subscription rate that reduces upfront costs and enables the enterprise to secure SD-WAN appliances for a low monthly rate.