Talari Appliance T860

The 1U rack-mountable Talari Appliance T860 is designed for medium data centers and large branch offices. The T860 supports aggregation of WAN bandwidth up to 800 Mbps uplink/800 Mbps downlink (800 Mbps full-duplex) across multiple WAN connections.

Network Control Node (NCN)

The Talari Appliance T860 acts as the master controller of the Talari-enabled WAN and the central point of administration for the client nodes. The network control node’s primary purpose is to establish and utilize a conduit with one or more Talari client nodes across the network for enterprise site-to-site communications. A particular network control node can administer and have conduits to multiple client nodes.


For enterprises looking to centralize more services at their data centers, predictable application performance over a cost, effective WAN infrastructure and high reliability are key requirements. The Talari Appliance T860 high-availability functionality eliminates the appliance as a single point of failure in the network by providing complete redundancy between two Talari appliances. The pre-designated “standby” appliance monitors the state of the “active” appliance and, in the event of a failure, takes over all appliance services. Using a specialized protocol, the Talari high availability system can detect a failure in the active appliance and switch over all functions to the standby appliance in a fraction of a second, in a way that is transparent to most active applications.

Geographic Redundancy

With the geographic redundancy feature, a Talari appliance can also function as a secondary network control node. In the event of a primary data center failure, the backup data center should be operational and the secondary Talari appliance would act as the network control node for a Talari-enabled WAN.

Fault Tolerant

The Talari Appliance T860 appliance includes two pairs of fail-to-wire ports, automatically enabling a passive pass-through mode even in case of unforeseen interruptions in a Talari appliance.

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Ethernet Ports

  • Auto-sensing 10/100/1000
  • Two pairs of fail-to-wire


  • Serial console port
  • Management Ethernet port


  • 100/240 volts
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 200 Watts

Physical Dimensions

  • EIA RS-310 standard 1U
  • 426mm (W) x 356mm (D) x 43mm (H) (16.8″ x 14.0″ x 1.7″)


  • Rack mount sliding rails (included)

System LEDs

  • Power
  • SSD Activity

Link LEDs

  • Link Activity
  • Link Speed


  • 2×16