Talari Virtual Appliance VT800

The Talari Virtual Appliance VT800 is the software platform that brings the lower cost, increased capacity, higher reliability and improved application performance benefits that a Talari SD-WAN has to offer to popular hypervisors and cloud platforms from Microsoft and VMware. Whether running within a commoditized server or service chained with other network services, the VT800 provides great flexibility in WAN design and deployment. The VT800 can be combined with other Talari physical appliances, cloud appliances and Aware, Talari’s centralized configuration, monitoring and analytics platforms, to deliver a comprehensive SD-WAN solution for any organization.

Key VT800 benefits include:

Flexible Performance

Not all sites have the same scale requirements which is why the VT800 supports performance levels of 20 Mbps, 40 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps. Note, that for Azure deployments, 100 Mbps is the maximum performance level supported.

Consistent Capabilities, Different Deployment Options

By supporting VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure, the VT800 and CT800 for Amazon Web Services allow you to rest assured that you can extend your SD-WAN to include the market leading cloud and virtualization platforms.

Agile Platform

Virtual and cloud product are expected to be fast to deploy, and the VT800 lives up to this expectation. As a software solution, the VT800 can be quickly downloaded, installed and configured to meet the short time-to-service demands of the business.

Elastic Scale

Changing performance levels of the VT800 to meet the ever-changing capacity requirements of the WAN is simple and fast. Apply a new license, reset the instance and you’re running at your desired performance level.