Talari Management

Talari offers a range of different options for configuring, monitoring and managing your Talari-enabled WAN and Talari Appliances:

  • On-board management interfaces on the appliances
  • Talari Aware, an element and network management platform for Talari Appliances and the WAN
  • Integration with 3rd party management and reporting tools

For the most complete management functionality, Talari Aware is a stand-alone management system that collects information from and pushes configuration to Talari Appliances throughout the WAN.

On-board management

For companies that would rather manage Talari Appliances via the on-board management capabilities, network configuration is accessed via the central control node. Additionally, complete view of WAN link usage and quality is presented to the user in graphical and tabular views.

Performance Management

Talari's solution continuously monitors the health of the WAN paths and measures performance metrics such as congestion, loss, latency and jitter. These statistics are collected in real time, aggregated at multiple levels and displayed to the user. Observed protocols, as well as statistics on each of them are also available to the user.

Performance Reports produce graphical views reflecting network performance and activity. Possible reports include: Conduit and Path Latency, Quality, Packet Loss and Bandwidth use between APN nodes.

QoS Reports allow the user to select a site, WAN link, path or conduit to display a stacked area chart showing used bandwidth for various types of traffic such as real time or bulk.

Usage Reports display used bandwidth for conduit, Intranet and Internet services for each WAN link.

Availability Reports provide aggregated statistics on status of WAN paths, conduits and WAN links allowing the administrator to assess the functioning status of the network.

Appliance Reports offers the user the option to generate numerous appliance-specific system and network statistical reports.

Configuration Management

Talari's network management application provides advanced centralized change management feature to upgrade the appliances' software and apply configuration changes through the network without disrupting network traffic or application accessibility. The Talari configuration editor is a graphic application with intuitive user interface, allowing the user to view and change the current setup and add/remove sites

Fault Management

As faults are detected in the network or in the appliances themselves, they can be reported in real time or historically. Alarms and email notification can be configured as well as periodic status reporting. External integration is available via SNMP v1 and v2c, as well as Netflow v5.

Secure Access

Talari supports TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication for management access to the appliances.

Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

Multiple diagnosis features are provided to facilitate troubleshooting once problems occur. Users can manage and view log files, use a Ping or Traceroute utility, perform a packet capture and download the capture file, or view system information.