Next-Generation Enterprise WANs Without Compromise

Talari's Mercury Appliances combine diverse, abundant, and affordable shared-IP bandwidth sources with traditional WAN links to create a robust, reliable, high-quality enterprise WAN. With Talari, companies can mix and match different technologies such as MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay and broadband Internet to create an optimized aggregate network that performs much better than the most expensive single network in the mix, but whose weighted average cost is much closer to the least expensive network in the mix.

Element and Network Management Through APN Aware

APN Aware is a centralized management system that gives IT staff the ability to configure, monitor, and analyze a Talari-enabled WAN.  Using Aware will reduce the time to configure APN appliances and the number of errors that can occur as well as provide access to detailed performance data and events correlated across the WAN. This results in an easy to manage network with unprecedented visibility into network quality and application performance.

Talari Management System, Aware, Overview


Talari pulls statistics from each APN Appliance in the network on a regular basis and stores that information in a centralized database. This data forms the basis of the most accurate, comprehensive and detailed picture of an enterprise WAN available. Whether diagnosing current issues or doing long range capacity planning, Aware gives IT staff access to the information they need.

Examples of analysis that can be performed with Aware:

  • Performance statistics show the quality of each link and path in the network so that poor performing links can be highlighted. Consistently poor performing links can be identified and the information can be made available to network planners so that alternative providers can be considered.
  • Talari’s reports and maps can help with capacity planning by showing how much bandwidth is used on each link. Links approaching saturation can be detected and additional bandwidth added in a timely manner.
  • Traffic displays and reports can help discover unknown applications using bandwidth or known applications using more bandwidth than anticipated so those problems can be identified and corrected.
  • Traffic pattern replays can show when network services are in peak demand or dynamic paths are being created and deconstructed, allowing IT staff to understand usage patterns in the network across time and geography.
  • Raw data points can be exported for further analysis or importation into other management and reporting systems.


The centralized management capabilities of Aware minimize the administrative efforts and operational costs associated with managing a WAN. Rather than configure each site individually and risk errors occurring if two sides of a link don’t match up, Aware lets you configure the network as a whole. This speeds up the process of configuration and dramatically reduces the chance for errors. And adding new sites is made simple using the intelligent clone feature.

The configuration interface is easy to understand and intuitive, and uses the same look and feel as the on-appliance web interface, minimizing the learning curve for those already familiar with Talari’s solution.

Some of the features available in Aware’s Configuration module:

  • Sites can be created and provisioned in a tree view or visually with the aid of network maps. These maps are later available to aid in monitoring the network and troubleshooting network errors.
  • Default values and rules speed up the initial configuration process, while making it simple to tailor the network behavior to a specific company’s policies.
  • Over 400 audit checks are performed as the configuration is built to make sure that configuration errors are avoided before they impact network behavior. Inter-appliance dependencies are included in the audit to avoid inadvertent creation of conflicting configurations.
  • Multiple configurations can be archived to allow for easy rollback through the configuration change management feature.


Talari’s APN solution detects network issues as they occur and automatically routes traffic in real time around failed links and onto links that provide the quality necessary to ensure peak application performance. This doesn’t prevent failed links or high latency and jitter – it prevents those factors from impacting the availability and quality of applications that run across the WAN. Because of that, organizations that use Talari are not constantly reacting to network problems in crisis mode; they are confident in the fact that Talari’s solution will allow their business operations to continue.

But while network issues may not be a crisis, they do still need to be reported and corrected and Aware is an ideal tool to help IT staff do that. Events from throughout the WAN are displayed on graphical maps and tables where they can be correlated with performance and routing data allowing for rapid detection and correction of issues.

  • Fully customized graphic and text reports can be saved and added to the multiple dashboards, allowing for the network to be viewed from different perspectives.
  • Color-coding and visual cues to network performance make it easy to quickly assess network performance. Plus network maps and graphs are interactive allowing the user to zoom in and out of plot lines or mouse over lines to see more detailed information.
  • Logical or geographic oriented maps show current and historic views of network traffic with visual indications of network outages or quality issues.
  • The unique replay feature in Aware allows traffic patterns to be replayed over specific time frames. This makes it easy to see where data is flowing and the creation and deconstruction of dynamic paths that Talari’s APN solution builds in response to application demand.
  • Network wide events and alerts can be centrally collected and reported via the Aware platform simplifying the integration of Talari APN into the network monitoring ecosystem.


  • Intuitive, centralized management system for Talari APN Appliances
  • Single point configuration with comprehensive network-wide audits to minimize errors
  • Simplifies monitoring and analyzing a Talari-enabled WAN
  • Fully customizable reports and graphs for easy network and application performance management


  • VMware Hypervisor ESXi 5.1.0 or higher
  • Minimum 4 Core, 3 GHz Processor
  • Minimum 8GB RAM

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Talari Management System, Aware, Overview Download the APN Aware Datasheet