Next-Generation Enterprise WANs Without Compromise

Talari's Mercury Appliances combine diverse, abundant, and affordable shared-IP bandwidth sources with traditional WAN links to create a robust, reliable, high-quality enterprise WAN. With Talari, companies can mix and match different technologies such as MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay and broadband Internet to create an optimized aggregate network that performs much better than the most expensive single network in the mix, but whose weighted average cost is much closer to the least expensive network in the mix.


Talari Networks is redefining WAN reliability and performance with its Mercury family of appliances by aggregating and transforming affordable broadband links to deliver business-class performance and reliability at consumer prices. Mercury appliances are seamlessly added to existing networks to deliver more bandwidth, reduced WAN operating expenses, and greater reliability than any existing single-provider WAN.

Using our patented Adaptive Private Network technology, Talari's solution combines diverse, abundant, affordable IP bandwidth sources, and provides reliable, resilient and high-quality connectivity between sites, ensuring application continuity. Talari appliances deployed in the main office and branches/remote offices provide a meshed network of "Conduits" between sites. Each conduit is made of multiple WAN links and controls and optimizes the use of network resources available across all WAN links.

Talari's family of appliances scale easily to fit the needs of every location in your business. The following table compares appliance models.

  T510 T730 T750 T860 T3010 T5000
Location SOHO/Remote office Remote Office Small Data Center Medium Data Center HQ / Data Center Data Center/Call Center
Mounting 1U 1U 1U 1U 2U 2U
Bandwidth 28 Mbps (Total) 80 Mbps (Full-Duplex) 120 Mbps (Full-Duplex) 200 Mbps (Full-Duplex) Up to 500 Mbps (Full-Duplex) Up to 3 Gbps (Full-Duplex)
High Availability
Geo. Redundancy
Network Control Node


Benefits of using Talari's technology in your network include:

  • Applications work without interruption, even in the case of link failure or network impairments such as high jitter, delay, or packet loss
  • Reliable QoS over Best Effort networks that don't have inherent QoS
  • Eliminate dropped VoIP calls due to packet loss or link failure
  • Improve performance on network dependent applications as each application session can use all WAN links
  • Enable the addition of inexpensive network links to supplement WAN connections, improving performance at a low cost

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