Talari Solutions

Talari Networks is transforming and simplifying the WAN and branch office by delivering a proven and trusted Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution. For the WAN, Talari offers increased capacity, improved reliability, higher quality of experience and lower costs. For the branch office, Talari offers a simple, secure, and consolidated solution that enables organizations to be flexible in how their branch services are delivered, without sacrificing application availability, performance or cost.

Software Defined WAN

A Talari Software Defined WAN solution creates a smart and responsive network across any network type including Hybrid WANs, Internet-as-WAN or WAN to Cloud-enabled networks. A Talari SD-WAN requires little human intervention, simplifying management and administration. It adapts in real time to bandwidth demands and network conditions, provides visibility into WAN and application performance and ensures application availability while lowering cost.

Branch Office Simplification

In reducing costs across their IT infrastructure, organizations with branch offices are increasingly looking towards options that decrease the number of physical devices required to support applications and critical services as well as reduce the cost of maintaining technology deployed in branch locations. Talari can help IT organizations achieve these goals by delivering a centrally orchestrated solution that can consolidate branch services, such as SD-WAN, routing, firewall and DHCP on a common platform. This platform can also securely facilitate the integration of emerging cloud based services.

The Talari Difference

As companies search for options to reduce cost and complexity from their WAN and branch while improving customer Quality of Experience, it can be hard to differentiate one solution from another. Having a proven solution, backed by a world-class support organization as well as technology to deliver a best in class SD-WAN and branch consolidation solution are some of the unique capabilities that Talari has to offer.