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Beyond Bitcoin: Data Fingerprinting and Other IoT Blockchain Applications

Bitcoin is the tip of the iceberg with blockchain applications.

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SD-WAN Complements Session Boarder Controllers and Unified Communications

As enterprises replace conventional private branch exchange (PBX) systems with VoIP, Unified Communications (UC) solutions and cloud services, network solution vendors like Talari have an opportunity to capture advantages that are more than a feature check off. The networks that the Talari SD-WAN monitors and manages become even more business-critical, as communication transitions from TDM […]

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AI Chatbot apps benefit from SD-WAN

Delivering sales leads is all about quality and conversion. Marketing wants to provide sales with truly qualified leads that generate brand preference. Sales and marketing teams understand the importance of effective lead engagement, and time-to-touch is a critical factor in converting leads. Read more by accessing Atchison Frazer’s LinkedIn blog.

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5 SD-WAN Trends in 2018

What might 2018 hold for SD-WAN providers and customers? Let’s take a look.

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4 Steps for Implementing an SD-WAN in Manufacturing

Here’s how to make the switch to SD-WAN in manufacturing.

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Categories: Application Performance/Application Quality, Hybrid WAN, IT Challenges, Network Reliability

GDPR IT Readiness and SD-WANs

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be put into effect. The intent of GDPR is to provide a legal framework to strengthen and unify data protection, and distribution for individuals within the European Union (EU). Read more by accessing Atchison Frazer’s LinkedIn blog.

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Connecting IoT Protocols with an SD-WAN

The Internet of Things has a unique protocol stack. An SD-WAN can help you integrate these standards and create sustainable connectivity for IoT apps.

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Categories: Application Performance/Application Quality, Business Agility, Internet as WAN (MPLS Alternatives), IT Challenges

Is there a Future for Blockchain-enabled SD-WANs?

Traditional networks are notorious for being expensive, static and taking months to deploy. Such a legacy convention will be unacceptable for a blockchain-enabled network. To be successful, a blockchain transport layer will need low-cost public Internet links that can be deployed with reliability and always available to all users. Because of its real-time application performance […]

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Digital Business Transformation Strategies Benefit from Advanced SD-WAN

We’re in a digital age, driven by a digital economy led by born-digital companies. For organizations and enterprises to deftly maneuver and succeed in this new era, they need to implement a pervasive digital transformation strategy across every edge of the network. And this year, here and now in 2017, the stakes and returns have […]

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