3 S.A.F.E. Observations from Enterprise Connect 2019

Enterprise Connect is one of the premier annual events in business communications and collaboration. A vast, vender-neutral forum, it's the perfect setting to acquire in-depth insights necessary for making informed decisions about IT investments and enterprise operations.  This year's conference featured several sessions and panels from Oracle executives around software-defined WANs (SD-WANs).

What Oracle demonstrated at Enterprise Connect 2019

Oracle discussed the general theme of the Oracle Communications S.A.F.E. (Security, Analytics, Flexibility and Extensibility) architecture and how it helps to secure, stabilize and scale mission-critical applications such as unified communications suites. A recent Oracle survey, "Enterprise Networks in Transition: Taming Chaos", highlights S.A.F.E. and details how IT leaders cited security, fraud and complexity due to network diversity and insecure Internet connections as top concerns. A dedicated S.A.F.E. demo helped visitors understand how the corresponding benefits of a Talari failsafe SD-WAN platform works in that context.  The SD-WAN portion details how Oracle now ensures MPLS-class reliability using Internet services for real-time traffic flows. Oracle is the only major cloud vendor with a dedicated SD-WAN offering.

What problems are the S.A.F.E. architecture meant to address? Start with the pressure enterprise users face around the ongoing adoption of video and voice applications and corresponding usage pressure on costly WAN links.  Add in rapidly growing volumes of mobile voice content and distributed workforces further stretches WAN connections.

These overlapping trends mean enterprise networks now must deliver three important capabilities:

  1. Exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE) to dispersed end users who rely on both on-premise and cloud-based apps for their essential communications and collaboration.
  2. High resilience, so that these same real-time applications (e.g. UCaaS) are always available and enable everyone's productivity even as overall network demand increases and bottlenecks arise.
  3. Robust security across the many new network connections between the WAN edge, the cloud and the PSTN.

S.A.F.E. addresses each of these requirements, delivering an end-to-end experience across an enterprise-grade network.  Let's focus on the QoE and resilience angles in more depth, as it is the common thread between two of the main Enterprise Connect demos, including the SD-WAN offering.

Network resilience: SD-WAN to the rescue

Network administrators have long stuck with MPLS and leased lines because while expensive, at least they ensure reliability and predictable QoE, unlike what Internet connections deliver natively. But with IT budget constraints combined with new bandwidth-hungry applications making increased in MPLS bandwidth cost-prohibitive, WAN or voice managers looking to augment or replace MPLS with pretty good but ultimately "chaotic" public Internet links were forced into the unappealing tradeoff between cost, bandwidth and QoE.

The failsafe SD-WAN technology that is a key part of the S.A.F.E. architecture offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to this fundamental problem.  Oracle's SD-WAN solution delivers MPLS-class reliability and QoE for both TCP and real-time apps over any transport that can deliver IP packets, including MPLS, broadband, cellular and satellite links.

A failsafe SD-WAN adapts in real time to changing conditions across the network, ensuring that enough bandwidth is available for the highest-priority traffic and that QoE for real-time and latency-sensitive interactive applications does not suffer. Oracle's failsafe SD-WAN is particularly well-suited to supporting UC platforms – both on-premise as well as UCaaS.

There's more to cover about both SD-WAN's contribution to the S.A.F.E. architecture and other topics covered at Enterprise Connect 2019. Check back soon for a follow-up post on this topic.  Want to learn more about SD-WAN and S.A.F.E. in the meantime?  Please review our FAQ, opt in for future Oracle SD-WAN updates or request a demo to learn more about how Oracle delivers failsafe SD-WAN.

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