3 Things IT Can Be Doing Instead of Constantly Fielding Helpdesk Queries

At one point or another, we’ve all wished that there were more hours in the day. Sometimes there’s so much to do, 24 hours doesn’t seem enough to complete all essential tasks while still leaving time for other important and strategic projects. Although it’s impossible to make a 30-hour day, there are ways to make more time for the initiatives that really matter.

If anyone within an organization needs more hours in the day, it’s surely the IT team. Imagine being in charge of some of the most complex aspects of the company’s day-to-day operations, while still being responsible for each and every helpdesk call. Now, imagine what could happen within a business if IT staff spent less time fielding these calls and had more time to focus on other mission-critical initiatives. The shift that could take place could really make all the difference for an enterprise.

“How would the IT team spend the time that they’re not answering helpdesk calls?”

But just how would the IT team spend the time that they’re not answering helpdesk calls? Let’s take a look:

1) Focusing on other core responsibilities
Maintaining the network and resolving any issues stemming from the company’s critical infrastructure is no doubt a core responsibility of the IT team. But what if staff didn’t have to field as many calls related to slow application performance and other common problems?

With a software defined WAN (SD-WAN) in place, each path across the network is measured for overall availability, latency and jitter, helping to ensure that traffic from critical applications takes the best possible path. This considerably reduces performance issues, and leaves the IT team with considerably more time on their hands to focus on the other mission-critical aspects of their jobs. These could include things like updates and upgrades, routine maintenance and network security. Information protection is a top priority for nearly every business today, especially in the current threat environment. An IT department with more time to focus on security translates to a better secured business.

Scott Steinke, network and security engineer at The Hain Celestial Group, was able to shift his focus in just this manner after the organization installed Talari’s THINKING WAN solution.

“I was working helpdesk tickets like crazy, trying to figure out what was eating up bandwidth,” Steinke said. “I spent a lot of time analyzing traffic. All that went away when Talari was deployed.”

Steinke noticed a direct correlation between the use of Talari’s THINKING WAN and a reduction in the number of helpdesk tickets being called in relating to bandwidth usage and poor application performance.

“The helpdesk isn’t getting calls because of slow applications, and that has given me a lot more time to deal with my other job – network security,” Steinke said.

A constant barrage of helpdesk calls can be frustrating, especially without an intelligent WAN to make decisions for itself. A constant barrage of helpdesk calls can be frustrating, especially without an intelligent WAN to make decisions for itself.

2) Expanding their focus
Constant helpdesk calls are often a main reason why IT department employees have to turn down roles in other projects within the company. For example, an initiative to lead a staff training program may have to go to an individual with less hands-on expertise because IT was too busy addressing the multitude of helpdesk tickets.

With this extra time on their hands, IT employees are more equipped to take on other projects. This can even change how workers in other departments view IT staff. These employees become much more than the firefighters called to address technical issues. They become the empowerment of the business, playing more integral roles in other company-wide initiatives and expanding their focus beyond just technology-related projects.

3) Looking toward the future
A never ending barrage of helpdesk queries force IT departments to focus on the here and now, leaving little time to look ahead to the future. Technological advancements and new solutions emerge nearly every day, but a company may be left in the dark about these innovations if its IT team doesn’t have time to look into and investigate new possibilities. With a reduced number of helpdesk tickets to address and less time required baby sitting the network, IT staff have more time to research and examine the latest and greatest technologies to propel the business forward.

A Software Defined THINKING WAN from Talari can truly make all the difference for an enterprise, especially where the helpdesk is concerned. This technology helps ensure that IT team members  have more time to focus on new projects, and become instigators of change within the organization.

To find out more, check out this white paper on WAN Evolution today.

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