3 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About WAN

If you’re one of many businesses still operating on a WAN supported solely by MPLS links, there are a few things you could learn from others in your space. Right now, a considerable number of companies are changing the way they use their WAN, ensuring that their critical applications are supported and they always have the bandwidth they need. These agile businesses might be your direct competitors, but there’s still a few valuable lessons you can learn from them, particularly if they have Talari’s THINKING WAN solution in place.

Let’s take a look at a few tips that you can pick up from your competitors about WAN and business agility:

“Right now, companies are changing the way they use their WAN, ensuring that their critical applications are supported and they always have the bandwidth they need.”

1) Stop interruptions from interrupting you
Before putting Talari’s THINKING WAN solution in place, the United Federal Credit Union counted out two 1.544 Mbps T1 circuits to connect its branch locations to its data center. This configuration provided adequate bandwidth, but also included a single point of failure without any provisions or strategies in place for redundancy. As a result, when the MPLS connection went down, service agents had to operate in downtime mode and were unable to access their critical applications.

The United Federal Credit Union called on Talari and its SD-WAN technology to address these issues. With the Talari solution in place, the firm enjoyed instant failover and full-time bandwidth utilization. This made any link failures invisible to users, and enabled bank staff to seamlessly continue operations even if a connection failed.

If your company ever experiences downtime like this, you know first hand how disruptive it can be. But with Talari’s WAN solution installed, interruptions like this become a thing of the past.

2) Slash the cost of bandwidth
Today’s executives are always looking for ways to save their business money – funds which can be put toward other mission-critical initiatives and serve to better support the company’s goals. Recently, one Chicago-based real estate management company looked to do just this with their WAN solution. They sought technology that would not only lower its bandwidth expenses, but could deliver continual network performance as well. The firm found this solution in Talari’s intelligent WAN technology.

Talari’s THINKING WAN solution enabled the organization to blend DSL, cable, fiber and Ethernet within their network, ensuring that traffic would always have a path to travel through should one link fail. But the benefits didn’t end with enhanced network performance: the real estate firm also took advantage of lowered bandwidth costs. Talari’s SD-WAN solution enabled the company to spend half as much, as it eliminated costly MPLS links. Now, instead of expensing $400,000 annually on unreliable links, the organization enjoys perfect network performance at half the cost.

With Talari's THINKING WAN solution, critical applications always have the bandwidth support they need. Talari’s THINKING WAN solution intelligently routes data packets to ensure that critical applications always have the bandwidth support they need.

If your business lacks agility and is still dependent on costly MPLS links, this case illustrates that there is a way to improve network performance and reduce operating costs. Executives at the real estate company expect a full return on their investment in Talari’s WAN solution, making it an ideal asset to the organization.

3) Prioritize traffic to ensure support
Talari also ensures support for critical business applications through its THINKING WAN solution, which uses intelligent technology to route data packets. This creates a smart, ‘thinking’ network that automatically measures latency, packet loss and jitter on every network path to guarantee that packets use the most ideal connection. This strategy, alongside sensitive packet duplication, ensures that essential applications always work and your staff members are never in the dark when it comes to their business processes.

To find out more about what Talari’s THINKING WAN solution can do for your business, schedule a custom demo today.

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