3 Ways SD-WAN Can Help Meet Business Goals AND Keep IT Under Budget

Businesses in every industry vertical are now expecting more from the networks that underpin their critical infrastructure. This resource makes some of the most important enterprise processes possible, including providing access to critical applications like unified communications, cloud environments and other platforms.

At the same time, however, decision-makers always have their eyes on the bottom line. Although IT spending is modestly growing – Gartner predicted a 0.6 percent increase this year, with worldwide spending estimated to reach $3.54 trillion overall – IT and network administrators must ensure that their expenses line up with their allocated budgets.

When it comes to meeting business goals while staying in line with allocated finances, SD-WAN is one of the most valuable technologies available. Let’s take a look at the top three ways an SD-WAN solution can help your company achieve its mission-critical objectives while staying under budget:

1) Ensuring performance of critical applications

“SD-WAN solutions have much to offer today’s budget-conscious, yet tech-savvy enterprise.”

A main goal of nearly every business today is to ensure the top-notch performance of the company’s most essential applications. As more critical processes than ever are now reliant on the access and reliable functionality of business applications, it’s absolutely paramount that this initiative is met.

An SD-WAN solution uses intelligent measurement to ensure that traffic associated with these key applications is prioritized over less important network traffic. By taking into account the latency, packet loss, jitter and availability of every path across the network, SD-WAN technology guarantees that each data packet takes the most optimal path.

Best of all, this traffic prioritization occurs according to your company’s unique policies. In this way, the performance of your most critical applications is ensured for each and every branch location.

2) Improved visibility and management

SD-WAN technology can also enhance the visibility network administrators have across the network. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the ability to curb shadow IT and other processes that might have flown under IT’s radar otherwise.

SD-WAN solutions enable end-to-end management of the network, from the company’s headquarters through each of its branch locations. What’s more, the corporate data center and all cloud environments are included here as well. With visibility as well as remote management capabilities, the IT team is in the best position possible to ensure that all resources are being used appropriately.

3)  Cost-effective network connectivity

While supporting critical performance and unparalleled visibility are important, one of the most attractive benefits of SD-WAN is its potential for connectivity cost savings. An SD-WAN solution leverages all available links to their fullest, including MPLS and broadband internet. In this way, links that were formerly only utilized for backup are used to establish a seamless, failsafe network that supports critical performance.

In addition, an SD-WAN solution can also help companies implement less expensive internet connectivity as a complement to – or even replacement for – their MPLS links.

“Internet circuits are typically one-third to half the cost of MPLS links at comparable speeds,” TechTarget pointed out. “Many organizations are implementing hybrid WAN architectures – with MPLS for mission-critical traffic, and internet for high-speed access to cloud – or SaaS-based applications, email, file transfers, storage and video applications.”

SD-WAN solutions can also help businesses reduce costs pertaining to various network appliances. With SD-WAN in place, organizations can cut back on expenditures like routers, firewalls and WAN optimization. Instead of allocating money toward routers and WAN optimization renewals, that budget can be spent toward an SD-WAN solution. In this way, SD-WAN provides even more cost-saving opportunities for businesses.

A winning solution with Talari Networks

Overall, SD-WAN solutions have much to offer today’s budget-conscious, yet tech-savvy enterprise. With benefits like improved network management and visibility alongside considerable cost savings, SD-WAN technology is ideal for meeting business goals while remaining under budget.

Talari Networks is the leader of the SD-WAN industry, with a range of software defined solutions to meet your company’s unique needs. From our flagship SD-WAN to our Talari Aware and beyond, Talari Networks has everything your business requires to establish the best network possible in the most cost-effective way.

To find out more, contact us for a custom demonstration of our SD-WAN solution today.

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