5 Signs You Should Invest in SD-WAN

These days, the network is more essential than ever, creating the backbone for nearly all critical processes taking place in enterprises. As a result of this increased importance, network administrators and engineers are focusing more on the structure of the network, and are investigating opportunities for improvement. One of the most valuable options available currently is a software defined WAN, which can offer considerable benefits over other network configurations.

But how can a company be sure that it is time to invest in an SD-WAN? Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons businesses are turning to this technology to improve their networking capabilities:

“An solution like Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN can ensure that critical applications have consistent support and always perform at their best.”

1) Prioritize traffic 
A solution like Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN can ensure that critical applications have consistent support and always perform at their best through traffic prioritization. This approach prevents available resources from being wasted on less critical activities, guaranteeing that traffic from the most important applications takes the best possible path across the network. This means issues like latency and poor performance become things of the past, especially as they relate to sensitive critical applications like VoIP and video conferencing.

2) Improved use of available resources
SD-WAN solution can also help businesses make the most of their available resources without having to add extra links for bandwidth support. Ethereal Mind contributor Greg Ferro pointed out that many organizations have links in place that they only use for backup which could be used more efficiently with SD-WAN technology in place.

In fact, Talari was recently able to offer just such a solution for Hydrite Chemical Co. The company found that it needed additional bandwidth, but did not want to pay the high cost of adding MPLS links. With a Talari solution installed, Hydrite was able to utilize its existing backup DSL lines to increase available resources at its remote offices.

3) Real-time network responsiveness
Anyone familiar with WAN knows that the network is one of the most quickly changing technological systems out there. Everything from application activity, bandwidth usage and uptime can impact how the network responds to users’ demands. With an SD-WAN solution like Talari’s THINKING WAN, the network is more agile and flexible than ever before, becoming a smart system that can adjust itself in real time to current conditions.

Whereas in the past,network administrators and engineers had to manually adjust the network, Talari’s THINKING WAN creates a smart network that does this all by itself. Talari’s technology measures a range of essential metrics – including packet loss, jitter, latency and path availability – to allow the network to make smart decisions about how each individual packet is treated. This means that network can respond and adapt according to current bandwidth usage levels and application activity even in the face of common network issues.

An SD WAN can proactively respond to current network conditions, ensuring support for critical applications. An SD-WAN can proactively respond to current network conditions, ensuring support for critical applications.

4) Enhanced service quality
In a recently interview with Network World, Michael Elmore, Cigna’s IT senior director of enterprise network engineering infrastructure, noting that an SD-WAN can be a game changer when it comes to service quality, allowing users to enhance the capacity and value through traffic prioritization and responsive routing.

“Application or performance aware routing … enables customers to monitor the performance of the underlay and make real-time dynamic routing decisions by application,” Elmore noted. “This dynamic detection and convergence capability will improve overall service quality by avoiding manual intervention and troubleshooting, while increasing a customer’s probability to hit internal SLAs. as well as responding to unplanned carrier maintenance.”

In this way, businesses can take quality into their own hands, improving upon the services they are already receiving from vendors.

5) Start small and incrementally expand
One of the most compelling reasons to invest in an SD-WAN solution is the ability to start small. In this way, network administrators need not fret over a large-scale, disruptive overhaul of the network. Instead, SD-WAN technology enables a business to place appliances in strategic locations within the network, and grow the deployment as needed.

“SD-WAN doesn’t have to replace your existing routers,” Ferro wrote. “You can deploy SD-WAN devices like WAN optimization boxes in the places that matter. You can start small and grow over time, prove the solution, modify the operations and security plans and build over time.”

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