How to Achieve Enterprise Zen With SD-WAN


Zen can mean many different things, depending upon who you ask. When it comes to the business community – and IT teams in particular – Zen can mean being free of the common pain points that can plague an organization, allowing for complete and total focus on the company’s goals and its overall success.

Achieving this level of serenity may seem easier said than done, but with an SD-WAN solution in place, your company can finally reach enterprise tranquility. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways SD-WAN technology can support your business’ Zen:

Prioritize critical data traffic

A common issue seen within any business is application performance. Nowadays, organizations not only rely on more apps than ever before, but these platforms must also provide optimal functionality at all times. And in the past, with so many programs competing for bandwidth support, it was nearly impossible to enable a top-notch user experience for the most important applications.

“With an SD-WAN solution in place, your company can finally reach enterprise tranquility.”

Enter SD-WAN, which reduces the impact of problems like poor application performance. SD-WAN technology allows a company to have unique traffic routing policies in place, which ultimately ensures that the most essential applications get the WAN capacity they need around the clock. This means that less important network activity won’t take resources away from those critical applications, and that businesses can continually count on excellent performance and superb service quality 24/7. . If this isn’t enterprise Zen, we don’t know what is.

To find out more about what this benefit looks like in a real-world setting, check out our work with Hydrite Chemical Company.

Failover seamlessly

One of the most frustrating problems a business can run into is when a connectivity service provider has an outage. While most of today’s networks are hybrid and include a number of WAN links, failover isn’t always instantaneous. This can result in dropped VoIP calls, interrupted application interactions and a flood of other issues.

This is another area where SD-WAN excels. The advanced technology supporting an SD-WAN solution continually measures all network paths, keeping a watchful eye out for early signs of an outage. If and when one occurs, traffic is immediately routed away from the problematic link, and failover to more robust connectivity paths is seamless. With an SD-WAN, your users will never know that an outage took place.

Prevent the need for helpdesk calls

With quality application performance and seamless failover continually supported, issues that require helpdesk calls can become things of the past. This is a benefit that will be appreciated by your entire workforce, as well as the IT team in particular.

Prevent your most pressing network pain points with an SD-WAN.
Prevent your most pressing network pain points with an SD-WAN.

This is exactly what Lake Area Bank and Roundbank found with their SD-WAN deployment. To find out more, check out our case study.

Reduce branch office complexity

As businesses expand to include more branch offices, their networks will inevitably become more complex. What’s more, since many branch locations don’t have IT personnel present around the clock, it’s even more difficult to implement new technology or solve problems when they emerge.

A complicated branch office infrastructure can really impact a company’s ability to achieve enterprise Zen. Thankfully, with a Branch Office Simplification solution that incorporates Talari Networks’ industry-leading SD-WAN – as well as a range of other critical capabilities – there will be nothing standing between your business and corporate serenity.

For more information, download our Branch Office Simplification white  paper today.

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