Boost Network Performance and Reliability with Talari at BankWorld 2016

Has your network been keeping you up at night? Come meet Talari at BankWorld 2016 to discover how our THINKING SD-WAN technology can help you sleep easy.

At Talari, we’ve helped some of the nation’s leading banks eliminate network problems that have caused dropped calls, slow service and frustrated customers. In today’s highly competitive and digital climate, we know that your customers are your most important asset, and delivering the services they need requires a high performing plus resilient WAN.

Here are six ways how our intelligent SD-WAN overlay solution can deliver a superior user experience:

1) Ensure reliable WAN connections

Banks can deliver a superior user experience because the occasional failure of a link no longer leads to business disruptions at branches. With Talari, applications remain available even if a network link goes down.

2) Deliver consistent, predictable application performance

Talari ensures predictable network performance so that applications continue to perform well even when the individual network links are unpredictable. This assures a superior experience for customers and employees.

3) Maximize the WAN investment

With Talari, banks can make the most of their WAN investments by efficiently using all available bandwidth, while maintaining organizational priorities when bandwidth demand is at an all-time high.

4) Increased WAN visibility

Talari allows banks to more effectively monitor the performance of their WAN circuits. Because Talari creates a virtualized overlay network, the WAN can be configured in its entirety, rather than as a series of individual links, which makes the network easier to configure and reduces the potential for human error.

5) Built-in security

Compliance with the many security and regulatory requirements is an ongoing challenge for all financial institutions, and it can be especially onerous for smaller banks. Talari can provide end-to-end security for traffic traveling between branches, which allows banks to reduce costs by eliminating dedicated VPN appliances between sites.

6) Delight Customers with Dependability

Consumers and businesses turn to community and regional banks for the personalized attention they offer. But at the same time, customers are unyielding in their expectations for the modern conveniences of anywhere, anytime access to their money, expert advisors and competitive financial products. With Talari as the intelligent network overlay, banks can assure the always-on availability of financial services and advisors, while also maximizing their IT investments and ensuring a productive workforce.

Come visit our booth, # 150 to see for yourself how the leading SD-WAN solution can transform your network today!


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