When Do Branch Offices Need SD-WAN?

As a business with multiple branch offices, you have your work cut out for you. Often, having even a handful of geographically diverse locations means an increase in personnel, an increase in resource requirements as well as an increase in IT complexity. It can very much be an uphill battle, particularly when the IT department doesn’t have boots on the ground at each and every branch site.

Thankfully, SD-WAN solutions from Talari Networks are here to help. There are a few key instances when this technology is absolutely critical to the IT infrastructure. Let’s take a look at when it’s time to implement SD-WAN into your branch office locations:

1) When performance of critical applications is key

“Without the right traffic routing and support, the performance of your business’s most important applications can really suffer.”

This is a given with any enterprise, but it becomes even more essential when it comes to companies with multiple branch sites. Without the right traffic routing and support, the performance of your business’s most important applications can really suffer. This can take quite a toll, especially in terms of employee productivity. After all, how can staffers be expected to complete critical tasks on time when an application’s performance is hampered by packet loss or latency?

With an SD-WAN in place, these problems become things of the past. An SD-WAN solution is able to proactively measure each and every network link for latency, jitter, packet loss and overall availability. What’s more, this technology doesn’t just monitor, it reacts according to these key measurements. This means that if one link is being impacted by jitter or an outage takes place, the SD-WAN can route network traffic around the issue, ensuring that applications always deliver top-notch performance.

2) When the IT team isn’t around

While nearly every enterprise has a dedicated IT team, it’s often extremely cost-prohibitive to have a staff member from this department located at every branch location. This doesn’t mean, however, that the IT team has to be in the dark about branch office connectivity, or that employees at each site are on their own when a problem occurs.

SD-WAN provides the most in-depth network visibility possible, ensuring that the IT team knows what’s going on within the network from the company’s headquarters, to each branch office, through the data center and into the cloud. In addition, this type of solution also offers remote management capabilities so that if a problem does occur, the IT team can work to solve it from wherever they are – even if it’s miles away from the office experiencing the issue.

Branch offices can enjoy seamless connectivity with SD-WAN.
Branch offices can enjoy seamless connectivity with SD-WAN.

3) When complexity has gotten out of control

It happens more often than many businesses realize – each time a new technology is deployed, the infrastructure at each branch location gets a little more complicated. This can quickly get out of hand, and turn into quite the struggle for IT staff and the enterprise at large, especially when it’s time to update the underlying network.

“[T]he impact of a WAN redesign may be limited if the branch infrastructure is a mess,” No Jitter contributor Zeus Kerravala wrote. “Most branch offices are a mess inside with a number of appliances such as routers, firewalls, WAN optimization, path control, and other security features. The large number of appliances creates a network management headache, and results in long lead times for new services.”

An SD-WAN can be a boon here as well, helping to condense the number of necessary appliances to create a more unified, simplified network infrastructure.

Talari Networks takes this all-important process a step further with our brand-new Branch Office Simplification solution. Here, a single appliance offers an array of critical network capabilities, including traffic routing, optimization, firewall protection, analytics reporting and more. This cost-effective technology not only helps reduce complexity at branch offices – it also offers a complete, all-in-one solution for network needs.

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