Credit Union Member Satisfaction Improved by THINKING SD-WAN – Meet Talari at CUNA Conference

Consumers and businesses turn to credit unions for the personalized attention they offer. But at the same time, members are unyielding in their expectations for the modern conveniences of anywhere, anytime access to their money, expert advisors and competitive financial products. With Talari as the intelligent network overlay, credit unions can assure the always-on availability of financial services and advisors, while also maximizing their IT investments and ensuring a productive workforce.

The importance of the wide area network (WAN) in ensuring smooth operations and ultimately keeping members happy has never been more critical. Demand for network capacity is rising fast, driven by member expectations that their financial institutions will keep pace with their digital lifestyles. Phone calls, deposits and withdrawals, bill payments, loan applications, and financial advisory services depend on the availability of the WAN connecting branches, data centers and the cloud.  Members have little patience when they have to wait, and repeated disappointments can lead to losing business if a member switches to another financial provider.

Benefits of a THINKING SD-WAN for credit unions:

1) BUSINESS CONTINUITY: The WAN keeps running during an outage, so branches won’t notice or miss a beat.

2) SUPERIOR USER EXPERIENCE: Apps run faster and seamlessly for maximum productivity for credit union members and employees – no dropped VoIP calls due to network issues

3) GAME-CHANGING ECONOMICS: 10-20x improvement in cost per bandwidth, saving money while simultaneously increasing capacity.

Talari has helped some of the nation’s leading credit unions eliminate network problems that result in dropped calls, slow service and frustrated members.

Come visit us at the Cuna Conference and see for yourself why industry analysts are calling the SD-WAN the next big evolution in business networking by talking to the company with the most SD-WAN customer deployments and time in the market!

Not planning to attend the show? Download this white paper on Six Ways the Network is Critical to the Credit Union Experience.


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