Customer Validation of Talari’s SD-WAN

I recently returned from a short road trip to New England to visit several of our customers. Hearing directly from customers, some who have been using Talari’s solution for several years, is invaluable; they’re the ones who have made the product what it is today. Their vision, feedback and use cases have strengthened Talari’s products over the years and are one of the reasons we’re confident in stating that Talari is the technical leader in Hybrid WANs and Software Defined WANs.

As a veteran of several startups, I’ve done many of these road trips, some better than others. But this most recent trip was, without a doubt, the best experience I’ve had. Why? One simple phrase that I heard over and over again:

“You do what you say you do.”

That’s a simple sentence. It’s not overflowing with adjectives and accolades. But what a powerful statement. As anyone who’s been researching WAN solutions can attest, there’s new companies popping up and old companies changing their message every week. And every company promises a similar set of benefits, even while approaching the WAN in different ways. So how can you differentiate between so many like-sounding companies? Investigate the technology, schedule a demo, check references, put the products to the test. In the end, we’re confident that Talari’s solution will stand out and that everyone involved in the process, from marketing to sales to engineering to support will be open and honest in representing the solution’s capabilities and its fit within your network.

I’m proud to work for a company that does what it says, and does it well.

Categories: Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Hybrid WAN