Cutting Through Complexity with SD-WAN

Traditional WANs often have a lot in common with the legendary Gordian Knot. Tied from tree bark, it was so extensive and complicated not even the most skilled knot remover could tell exactly how it all connected, much less untangle it – until Alexander the Great pulled out the linchpin holding the knot in place, revealing its two ends and allowing it to be untied.

By transitioning to software-defined WANs (SD-WANs), organizations can follow a similar path to unravel deep-seated wide area network complexity.

A failsafe SD-WAN simplifies network complexity on 5 important fronts:

1. Simpler day-to-day management, thanks to centralized configuration and orchestration eliminating the need to configure and update each branch office device separately.

2. Streamlines enforcement of WAN policies by automatically measuring traffic across all WAN links and identifying the best paths for real-time and TCP traffic, whether that's over broadband, MPLS, LTE or satellite.

3. Eliminates the risk involved with rip-and-replace approaches, instead slotting seamlessly into existing infrastructure and network security models.

4. At the enterprise's pace, offers the ability to do branch office consolidation, reduceing the number of devices to be managed at the branch, via the incorporation of routing, WAN Optimization and firewall capabilities

5. Demystifies WAN troubleshooting by resolving problems in fractions of a second and then notifying network administrators, instead of forcing them to manually track down and fix such issues themselves.

These advances revolutionize WAN performance, manageability and cost-effectiveness.  At the same time, they create an ideal platform for the further implementation of cloud-based applications as well as outsourced management of network services. 

Untying even more complexity with help from cloud providers and MSPs in SD-WANs

One of the predominant themes of 2010s-era IT has been staffing shortages, and this extends to WAN management teams. Smaller organizations otherwise lacking the manpower to modernize their WANs now gain operational efficiencies through implementing a failsafe SD-WAN and its partner ecosystem.

For example, solution providers help expedite enterprise digital transformation with migration to cloud services including Infrastructure or Platform as a Service options.  SaaS, IaaS and PaaS options offer far less overhead than on-prem equivalents, and can be more efficiently accessed via an SD-WAN than a conventional MPLS-based network. With a failsafe SD-WAN in place, there is much less security, downtime, reliability and application Quality of Experience (QoE) risk than ever before in making the jump to cloud.

MSPs can also help by taking on more aspects of network management, removing a major burden from shorthanded IT departments and freeing them up to focus on more strategic efforts. As SD-WAN technology gains synergy with cloud services and becomes more widely adopted, there will be new opportunities for solutions providers and partners to enhance the experience. 

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