Digital Business Transformation Strategies Benefit from Advanced SD-WAN

We’re in a digital age, driven by a digital economy led by born-digital companies. For organizations and enterprises to deftly maneuver and succeed in this new era, they need to implement a pervasive digital transformation strategy across every edge of the network.

And this year, here and now in 2017, the stakes and returns have never been higher: a recent Gartner Research Survey found that while some 47 percent of the 388 CEOs polled said they face pressure from their board of directors to make progress in digital business transformation, it’s already paying off: 56 percent of CEOs said that their digital improvements have currently increased profits.

Enterprises will find the digital transformation journey easier by harnessing the power of an automated, intelligent network. What contemporary enterprises must design for is that the impact of digital transformation on the WAN will potentially be much more extreme. Merely adding more bandwidth to the last-mile network or throttling bandwidth usage are not viable options alone in a successful digital journey.

Pervasive digital environments demand a failsafe, flexible wide-area network (WAN) that delivers high network availability and reliable, predictable application quality of experiences. In these businesses, static is being replaced by dynamic. Transactional horizons are much shorter, thus the need for real-time app predictability way more mission critical.

Digital transformation companies believe in a fast pivot, they pivot to a large degree based on real-time data. Business data, customer data and even social media data are readily available to inform the enterprise about how, say, the new style campaign is performing in a global retail firm. When the data show that sales are higher among 35 to 40 year old men in the Northwest, yet slumping in the Southeast, and social media feedback is less than sanguine about the new colors, this feedback is looped immediately back to sales and marketing, and the development and manufacturing teams, so they can decide what types of adjustments are needed.

Collaborative, sophisticated communications are required for these kinds of agile development cycles. Video conferences that bring together team members from multiple sites and remote locations are required, and they share all types of collaborative tools, such as Slack or Jira, that let everyone contribute and support fast iterations to constantly improve the campaign.

Enhance Video-Call Experiences

As a real-time application, digital video is highly sensitive to network latency, packet loss and jitter. Packet loss of even two percent or less can cause video frames to tile. Jitter exceeding 15 to 30 milliseconds can make video packets freeze or stutter. But a failsafe SD-WAN can deliver both the predictable application quality of experience (QoE) that’s needed for video conferencing as well as high network availability and reliability.

A Talari SD-WAN employs continuous, unidirectional measurement of packet loss, latency, jitter and bandwidth utilization.  Based on these measurements, a Talari SD-WAN instantly adapts to real-time app network issues. A Talari SD-WAN recognizes network issues on any path on the WAN in real time and it reacts instantly to prevent any traffic degradation.

End-to-end QoS and inbound congestion avoidance further ensures an excellent QoE for end-users. Shared inbound and outbound links increase to between 90 percent and 97 percent bandwidth utilization, while WAN optimization further compresses data in order to balloon the pool of available bandwidth. This composition bump up in liquid bandwidth means remote team members experience the same performance as users on the local network, and automated processes ripple across every endpoint without missing any connections.

Optional packet replication ensures real-time traffic delivery. A Talari SD-WAN can replicate real-time traffic flows along a second path, suppressing duplicates at the receiving end. Talari specializes in link aggregation capabilities, allowing digital businesses to use all the available bandwidth at any location, even over disparate links, all the time.

Enterprise-Scale Solution

A video-conference system that’s rarely used because of a poor user experience won’t enable the agile, digital enterprise. But with an SD-WAN, companies like Unifirst, a uniform rental company, have made video-based calls part of the company culture. The company, with 200 locations across the U.S. and Canada, runs more than 800 video-conference calls a month over its Talari SD-WAN, in addition to IP voice and other business-critical applications.

Learn more about how failsafe SD-WANs work: read the Failsafe SD-WAN white paper here.

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