Does Your Business Need More Bandwidth?

Slow performing applications, latency and jitter are issues that some businesses deal with every day. When these obstacles emerge, they not only impact the company’s productivity, but could spur the inevitable question, “Do we need more bandwidth?”

“In many cases, it is unnecessary – and extremely costly – to add more MPLS links that can provide additional bandwidth.”

Before rushing off to purchase additional bandwidth resources, it’s important to take a step back, assess the situation and take a look at all available options. In many cases, it is unnecessary – and extremely costly – to add more MPLS links that can provide increased bandwidth. A solution like Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN can make all the difference. By fully leveraging backup links and ensuring these resources don’t sit idle, an enterprise is able to avoid the high price that comes with adding bandwidth.

How much bandwidth does a business need?
According to The Broadband Imperative, a report from the State Educational Technology Directors Association, businesses currently require approximately 100 Mbps for every 1,000 users. This includes the 8 Mbps of download speed each individual needs for latency-sensitive applications like videoconferencing.

As the number of applications and connectivity-requiring activities a business uses grows, so too will its bandwidth needs. The report forecasted that within the next two years, enterprises will need 1 Gbps for every 1,000 users.

With a Talari solution, issues like jitter and latency become things of the past.Issues like jitter and latency can become things of the past, ensuring applications perform at their best. 

Talari helps increase bandwidthHowever, these are just estimations. Bandwidth needs vary depending on the usage case. If your business requires improved network support, there are other solutions you can implement to help avoid the high cost of adding bandwidth.

Through a solution like Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN, enterprises can get the connectivity they need through an intelligent system that helps make the most of existing resources. With this technology in place, the network becomes responsive and adaptable, adjusting itself to current conditions to ensure that each individual packet takes the most reliable path. Latency, jitter, packet loss and availability are each measured by the Talari solution, allowing for granular, real-time network overview that enables intelligent decisions for each and every packet traveling across the network.

Hydrite Chemical Co. deployed a Talari solution after realizing that it would be too costly to add MPLS lines to each company location. With Talari technology implemented, the organization was able to more actively utilize their existing DSL lines that were only used for backup in the past. This allowed users to have the network support they needed without the high cost of additional MPLS lines.

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