Harnessing the Power of SD-WAN, with Talari’s Helping Hands

Learning to approach the WAN in a novel way draws an understandable amount of skepticism in our newest customers.  What do you mean my EF packets might be directed across the internet?  Why are my backup links outperforming my private lines?  How do I even begin to approach a centralized QoS structure, suddenly cut free from provider management?  …To be sure, the Talari patented Adaptive Private Network technology is a powerful beast, requiring a new way of thinking at the outset to harness its vast abilities.  It has a multitude of capabilities that can be trained to shape the network as the administrator sees fit.  Truly this is what it means to be not just a product or service, but a “solution”, and moreover one which is so versatile in its applications.

If there’s one thing that our customers appreciate from the outset, it is the quality of support they receive from our engineering team.  Given such a powerful tool, we understand that providing this solution involves providing problem solvers, too.  Not someone who simply assesses the quality of their own product (usually to shed responsibility), but someone who sympathizes with the problems faced, and earnestly wants to defeat them with Talari’s innovative approach.  Each of us is a devotee to the solution, and wants nothing more than to make QoS problems a footnote in history.  We don’t expect to hand over the reins and see you ride off into the sunset, but rather to work with you on taking back control of your network and the unique problems it faces.  Again, this beast does not fulfill a singular function — rather it can be trained towards a set of behaviors, and react dynamically to what it sees.

From our solutions architects to implementation engineers to our support team, at Talari you’ll find a seamless group of problem solvers willing and able to stand by you as the new network matures.  For each customer, we — that is, our team and yours — develop a keen understanding of the specific pain points, and make decisions on how to address them using the wide array of Talari tools at our disposal.  We’ll show you the various ways SD-WAN solution can be customized, and try our best not to overwhelm 🙂 Truly it can be daunting to have such power over network usage on so many levels, but our goal is for you to foster and enjoy this feeling of executive control.  Using “Aware”, we can sit high up in the tower, and gain insight across the entire realm into WAN performance, usage patterns, and unmet application demands.  We can then design our intended network behavior from an exceedingly informed perspective, allocating resources where the business needs them most.  Finally, we can enforce this design from the network control node (NCN) — that panoptical device, constantly monitoring every corridor of the network, ensuring that each office and application behave as expected.


Let’s say that again: ‘behave as expected’.  Truly the “ahh” moment we yearn for as network administrators.  By customizing the Talari solution to the purposes, the beast has lifted so much of our burden, allowing us a broader perspective atop its shoulders, and the freedom to focus our brilliance elsewhere.  After all, this is the point of a dynamic, intelligent, adaptive system — following its implementation, to operate without input.  Indeed, post-Talari, you’ll find a sense of absolved responsibility over QoS.  Many of our customers are nearly completely hands-off — still running some of the earliest versions of our code, no changes to their configuration in years — they are content to have a consistent, reliable performance.  Others choose a more proactive approach — employing our newest features with each release, and using Talari Aware to hold their providers tightly to their SLAs — they’ve eagerly adopted this sense of accountability and control.  What you do with your time now …finally… is up to you.

And, to be sure, this is our goal.  Having shown you the capabilities of Talari and successfully tuned it to stabilize your environment, beyond this the choice is yours.  Let the elephant carry the heavy machinery, and you can focus on tackling other issues, devoting time to longer-term development strategies so often delayed, or perhaps spreading the good word about Talari’s Thinking WAN … liberated from the struggles of QoS, another skeptic turned devotee!

Categories: Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)