How HR Benefits from IT

In many ways, the human resources department represents the heart of a business. Not only are these employees responsible for recruiting applicants, interviewing interested parties and hiring new staff members, but they must also stay on top of the range of personal data associated with each and every worker. In the past, these activities meant a mountain of manual work more often than not. But all this has changed in recent years, and it is all thanks to the capabilities provided by IT systems.

So how, exactly, does HR benefit from IT? Let’s take a look:

Recruitment: From print to online

The Internet has been one of the most impactful technologies for HR, completely changing the way these employees carry out the recruitment process. In the past, HR employees relied almost exclusively on print postings – including those in newspapers, magazines and other publications – to get the word out about available job openings. And often times, these were not all that effective for targeting the specific type of candidate the company was looking for.

Now, however, HR workers have access to the Internet, and all the resources it provides. With this invaluable tool, the HR department can craft posts for social media, search engines and a whole host of job posting boards. These can be created for very specific audiences, helping the business to attract the right kind of candidates.

IT systems have streamlined HR processes, including those for recruitment, applications and hiring.
IT systems have streamlined HR processes, including those for recruitment, applications and hiring

Application process

IT also helps streamline the application process considerably, both for the HR department and applicants alike. As opposed to traveling to the company’s location, candidates can fill out and submit their applications through a secure online portal. This makes it easy for HR employees to examine each application in a protected environment, and prevents hassles when it comes to interviewing. Best of all, this process makes paper applications – and the risk of losing these documents – a thing of the past.

The cloud: Powering a whole host of HR processes

The cloud has perhaps been the most disruptive technology for a range of business departments, and HR is no different. DataInformed contributor Michaela Kajiwara noted that the cloud is supporting all kinds of critical HR activities, including enabling employee self-service.

In this way, staff members are never in the dark when it comes to their pay and vacation time. In addition, these automated self-service capabilities all but eliminate any errors or issues with payroll and can help take a considerable amount of manual work off of HR’s shoulders. As opposed to tallying each worker’s hours by hand or submitting the necessary vacation paperwork on their behalf, HR can simply access all this information via a secure, cloud-based environment.

“Automated self-service capabilities all but eliminate any errors and can help take a considerable amount of manual work off of HR’s shoulders.”

Data storage and access

In addition to payroll and vacation information, HR deals with a whole host of other information for each and every employee. In some circles, businesses will also keep certain details from previous staff members on hand for months or years at a time. In the past, all this data was housed via paper documents. But, thankfully, like so many other mission-critical business processes, this too has been digitized.

On-premises and cloud-based virtual environments have become the de facto options for data storage, enabling HR to archive as much information as they need, while still providing an easy way to access all these details.

Improving IT for HR

IT systems have made quite the impact on HR, from the recruitment and application process as well as throughout employees’ careers with the business. However, there are ways to improve HR’s use of IT even further.

An SD-WAN solution, such as that provided by Talari, can enhance the performance of the critical IT resources the HR team uses every day. Talari’s Software Defined WAN measures the latency, jitter and availability of every path across the network, ensuring data travels the best route. This improves the performance of essential applications, providing the fastest, most responsive network possible.

In addition, Talari’s WAN Cloud solution can extend the reach of the WAN and boost control and visibility into the cloud. Since the cloud plays such an important role in HR processes, this solution can be an invaluable addition to the corporate network.

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