How the Legal Department Benefits from IT

Technology has become an even bigger part of critical processes throughout enterprise sectors. One area where this is especially true is within the legal department. Corporate legal teams now rely on a considerable number of connected systems, making quality WAN performance more important than ever. Thankfully, solutions like Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN and WAN Cloud solution can not only help ensure essential network support, but optimal performance of critical resources and applications as well.

Legal tech: Online research, the cloud, communications
In recent years, legal teams have begun utilizing the cloud and other Internet-based resources to carry out an increasing number of corporate tasks.

“96 percent of lawyers carry out necessary research via online resources.”

When it comes to a legal initiative, efforts often begin with research. According to the American Bar Association, just about all lawyers – 96 percent – carry out necessary research via online resources. This includes materials available online for a fee (40 percent), as well as information accessible via a free Google search (37 percent).

Like many enterprise departments, there has also been an increasing push toward the cloud. There are several advantages to using the cloud for legal purposes, including for the storage and access of critical files. The IT team is an essential piece of the puzzle here, as these staff members can help guarantee the necessary security to keep sensitive information protected in the cloud.

“The truth is, servers run by professionals and backed by an established IT firm are going to provide more data security,” Legal Workspace noted.

In addition, many legal teams are also dependent upon communication and collaboration systems, particularly in larger, geographically dispersed enterprises. The use of platforms including email, chat, video conferencing and document sharing has become increasingly common, enabling employees in the legal department to connect with other employees, no matter their location. These systems also allow staff to securely share information and documents with one another via a protected system inaccessible to unauthorized third-parties. This is a critical capability for the legal department, as much of the files and resources they deal with include sensitive information associated with individual employees or the company as a whole.

Why WAN performance is essential
As the legal team increasingly depends upon IT systems to perform their daily tasks, this makes WAN performance even more critical. Thankfully, there are solutions the IT department can deploy to ensure the quality connectivity needed to power the essential platforms used by the legal department.

The legal department considerably benefits from IT systems, enabling file sharing, communication and critical research.

The legal department considerably benefits from IT systems, enabling file sharing, communication and critical research.

A Software Defined WAN solution, such as Talari’s THINKING WAN, can establish an intelligent WAN that is able to respond to current network conditions. In this way, data packets – including those associated with file sharing, communication systems and online activities – take the most optimal path across the network. This is possible through the measurement of availability, latency, jitter and packet loss for each and every network path, enabling the solution to make smart decisions about how to treat each data packet.

As the cloud becomes a bigger part of the legal department’s activities, it becomes increasingly necessary to support reliability, visibility and security needs of employees and IT staff. In a traditional network configuration, the IT team has little oversight when it comes to the cloud. But with Talari’s WAN Cloud solution in place, the WAN is extended into the cloud, granting a greater level of control for network administrators.

In the coming years, the legal department will only increase its reliance on connected systems including online research resources, the cloud and communication solutions. With the help of Talari’s Software Defined WAN and WAN Cloud solution, the IT team is not only able to provide these critical resources for its legal department, but help ensure quality performance as well.

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