How To Choose An SD-WAN Business Partner

According to some of the most recent research, the SD-WAN market is poised for considerable growth over the next few years. The software defined market, which encompasses SD-WAN solutions, is expected to surpass $1.4 billion this year, and could reach a value of $12 billion by 2019.

A software defined network has the power to transform a business, from the superior performance of business applications like VoIP, video and VDI to game changing reliability that sets a new standard for network performance.. With such an innovative technology in place, an enterprise is set free to become a lean, agile, competitive machine.

Now that there is an understanding of why an SD-WAN is worth the deployment, let’s take a look at how to pick the right business partner. It’s a hot, new industry and SD-WAN providers are coming out of the woodwork. As an enterprise decision-maker, you must be sure you are working with the best in the industry. To this end, there are a few key considerations that must be made.

So what should decision-makers look for? What sets a true SD-WAN business partner apart from other vendors? Let’s take a look:

1) A real SD-WAN

With so much demand for software defined WAN solutions, there are more choices on the market than ever before. However, some of these systems are only parading as SD-WAN, and are not true software defined wide area network solutions.

“A SD-WAN deployment calls for a true business partner, not just a solution vendor.”

According to TechTarget, a SD-WAN has the ability to intelligently identify the most optimal route for traffic to travel across the network. This means that data packets traversing the network to and from different branch locations always take the best possible route in order to avoid issues like latency, jitter and packet loss. A vendor that offers anything else should not be considered a true SD-WAN business partner.

2) Years in market

Another factor to examine is potential partners’ time in the SD-WAN market. Over the past year, a number of startups have entered the SD-WAN market. While these vendors may propose to have shiny, new technology, they lack the experience and expertise offered by more veteran providers with tried-and-true solutions. While this sector is still relatively young, a provider’s years in the market can speak volumes to its credibility and sustainability.

3) Customer tested, customer approved

Customer reviews of both the solution and the level of service and expertise the solution provider offers can also be incredibly telling. It’s important to not only seek these details on the company’s own website, but from other sources as well.

However, having a customer-tested solution doesn’t simply mean deploying the technology in a client setting. A true SD-WAN business partner also listens to the feedback these clients provide, and adjusts its product to better address customer pain points. Taking the time to not only consider, but also implement and reflect customer opinions marks a true partner that will support an enterprise’s success.

4) Product lifecycles

It’s also important to look into the lifecycle the product has undergone. It’s critical to select a partner that is committed to improving its solution according to the feedback provided by existing clients. A static solution won’t provide the advantages seen with a continually updated and consistently improved system.

5) Serving a variety of industries

The beauty of SD-WAN solutions is the fact that this technology can help streamline and enhance network activity in nearly any sector. From banking institutions to health care to industrial settings and beyond, SD-WAN has the power to boost the performance of critical applications across the board through intelligent network traffic management and application performance monitoring.

For this reason, it’s critical to seek out information about the industries in which potential SD-WAN partners work. An SD-WAN partner should have experience across a number of market verticals, which not only demonstrates the versatility of its solution, but the value it can provide to different organizations as well.

Enterprises need a real SD-WAN business partner with a proven track record for providing customer-tested solutions.

Talari: The leading SD-WAN business partner

While this all may seem like quite the tall order to fill, there is, in fact, one SD-WAN solution provider that not only hits these marks, but goes above and beyond. Talari has proven itself in the SD-WAN market as the technology leader, and is a true business partner.

Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN measures each path across the network for availability, jitter, packet loss and latency, enabling the technology to proactively select the best route for different types of traffic. In this way, packets associated with critical applications like VoIP, for example, are prioritized over other, less critical network activity. Best of all, this takes place without the need for human intervention. IT directors can rest easy knowing that Talari technology creates an intelligent, self-correcting network that does the thinking for them.

Talari has an established track record in the market, being named in numerous market reports as one of only a handful of sector leaders. While others have recently claimed the title, Talari was the first true provider of a reliable software-defined WAN solution, first launching our “THINKING WAN” more than seven years ago. Since that time, we’ve made numerous improvements to support growing demands and new technological strategies. In this way, our customers have a leg up on their competition, and are armed to achieve their internal goals and cement a leading position in the marketplace.

What’s more, Talari’s SD-WAN hasn’t just been implemented in more than 41 countries worldwide, our customers span a range of different sectors. Clients in the banking, legal, emergency dispatch, health care, manufacturing and mining sectors have all enjoyed favorable results with Talari, and are more than willing to share their success stories.

Talari also provides a range of other solutions to meet the needs of today’s enterprises, including Hybrid WAN, Internet as WAN and WAN to Cloud. To find out more about forming a lasting business partnership with Talari, contact us today.

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