How To Improve Application Performance And Continuity With An SD-WAN Webinar– Coming May 10th

With network traffic booming, managing and maintaining a WAN—much less improving app performance—is next to impossible. To gain agility, reduce the complexity and change the economics of the WAN, many enterprises are moving to an intelligent, software defined WAN. 

SD-WANs can leverage a hybrid MPLS and Internet infrastructure or pure broadband to link corporate and cloud sites. However, maintaining application service levels over broadband can be challenging—especially for real-time and interactive applications including voice and video.

Attend this webinar to learn how you can deliver application performance with Internet economics using a smart SD-WAN, including:

  • Application characteristics and WAN factors that affect service levels for real-time, interactive, and bulk applications
  • SD-WAN capabilities that deliver a business-class WAN over commodity Internet links
  • Bremer Bank’s experience delivering superior application performance with an SD-WAN

Bremer Financial Corporation is a privately-held, $8.7 billion regional financial services company, jointly-owned by its employees and the Otto Bremer Foundation. Founded in 1943, the company is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota and provides a comprehensive range of banking, investment, trust and insurance services.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 10th and join Joel Hampton, Senior Network Engineer at Bremer Bank, Neil Abogado, Director of Product Marketing at Talari, and Alex Ratcliffe, Director of Technical Marketing at Talari, to discuss how an SD-WAN solution drives business continuity and is integral to superb application performance.

Reserve your spot and register today. Can’t wait to learn more? Check out the Bremer Bank Case Study or listen to the PacketPushers podcast SD-WAN Technology Deep Dive to hear what makes a THINKING WAN and how SD-WAN derives business performance benefits.

Special Free Report Offer with Webinar:

When you register for our webinar, you will receive the following complimentary report: Applications Performance Report by Broadband-Testing: Talari SD-WAN Delivers Measurable Benefits, which outlines how Talari’s SD-WAN optimizes applications and provides a superior alternative for WAN connectivity.

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