Increase Network Bandwidth and Decrease Costs With Talari’s Savings Calculator

There are many benefits of a Talari Software Defined WAN, including having a much more reliable and agile network but for many enterprises the key driver of adoption is getting significantly more bandwidth at substantially lower cost. Most enterprises today continue to rely on MPLS for their Wide Area Network due to the private secure nature of MPLS and the ability to prioritize traffic. The challenge is that MPLS is a very expensive legacy technology. Many businesses see the cost of an MPLS link as an unavoidable “tax” on the business and pay $400-500 (or more in some places) per month per location for a limited capacity T-1 transport link that only delivers 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth. With the ever-increasing need for more bandwidth, the cost of MPLS goes from being a necessary bother to an unacceptable burden. Businesses simply cannot afford to be on what I call the “MPLS treadmill” – adding significant costs to keep up with the never-ending need for more bandwidth.

A Talari SD-WAN allows the enterprise to make full use of inexpensive but high capacity broadband such as DSL, cable modem, or Metro-Ethernet. In many cases, these less expensive broadband links are already deployed alongside the MPLS circuit in an underutilized or standby mode ready to be used as emergency backup in the case of an MPLS outage. In other cases, inexpensive broadband has not yet been deployed but can easily be added at a fraction of the cost of MPLS. A Talari SD-WAN creates a hybrid network that leverages and aggregates multiple links including both MPLS and broadband and creates an intelligent overlay network that adds security and prioritization so that all of the links – including the inexpensive broadband links – have the same characteristics of the MPLS link giving the WAN more capacity, reliability, and agility and also tremendous cost savings at the same time.

Every enterprise WAN is different so the total savings will vary depending on the specific circumstances. But to give enterprises a feel for the magnitude of the savings, Talari has created a simple Savings Calculator that is free to use and available on the Talari website. This calculator focuses on just one typical location and asks for 5 simple inputs to calculate the increase in bandwidth and reduced cost of a Talari SD-WAN versus continuing to add more MPLS. Feel free to vary the inputs to see the impact on the savings that are displayed on interactive graphs in real-time. You can also request a free copy of a WAN Savings Report that summarizes the cost savings and provides other benefits of a Talari SD-WAN solution.

To learn more about how an SD-WAN can transform you network, watch our latest webinar ‘Demystifying the Software Defined WAN’ or contact us for a custom demonstration today.

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