It’s just a feature…… Yeah right

Competition is good. And good competition is better. I welcome all comers to the Hybrid WAN world. But when a competitor dismisses our technology as “it’s just a feature,” it highlights the lack of true understanding of what makes Talari different. If it were just a feature, Cisco would have embedded this into the ISR years ago. If it were just a feature, WAN Optimization vendors wouldn’t have taken 4 years to develop what many would consider policy based routing.

The reality of that comment is it’s intended to be dismissive. It suggests you don’t need to measure one way trip times, and assess the latency, jitter and loss characteristics of EVERY packet of EVERY application flow. Why would you do that? Well if you already perform something computationally expensive, such as, say, packet dedup, then adding additional computational complexity becomes a real challenge, because it drives cost up. You simply can’t do it in an existing system that is optimized and sized for other functionality.

But I’ll play this game. WAN Optimization is just a well understood feature. That’s why integrated WAAS is so wildly successful…….

Categories: Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)