Join Talari at the Open Networking Summit 2016

Is your company’s WAN everything it could be? We invite you to join us at the ONS 2016 Conference on Wednesday, March 16th at the Santa Clara Convention Center, where Roger Bravo, VP of Network & Telecom at Teleperformance USA and Kevin Gavin, Talari’s CMO, will be among a panel of speakers discussing the experience of Teleperformance in being an early adapter of Talari’s SD-WAN technology, and the lessons learned.

The ONS conference will bring together the global SDN / NFV ecosystem and open source community to showcase solutions that are transforming networking for service providers, data centers and enterprises and helping developers and architects keep up with the SDN/NFV tools and technologies.

This unique session will focus on an in-depth overview into how SD-WAN technology solved the challenges that Roger and his team were facing, including:

  • Delivering service continuity
  • Ability to deliver tiered services
  • The ability to concurrently use all WAN links at their call centers (active-active)

Having deployed Talari’s SD-WAN solution at key locations, Teleperformance enabled their network with packet duplication and intelligent load-balancing. With this transformational technology in place, they were able to achieve uninterrupted calls (even with circuit failure or degradation), offer tiered services, significantly improve customer satisfaction, and incorporate concurrent use of all WAN links.

Teleperformance was founded in 1978, and is headquartered in Paris, France. The company specializes in customer service, technical support, call centers, debt collection and social media. They have been a Talari customer since 2011.

Join us at the event to learn how Talari is changing the way companies think about, create and manage their WAN by giving the network BRAINWIDTH. Only Talari’s THINKING WAN proactively manages capacity, reliability and performance, packet by packet—to keep critical applications running, reduce costs, and liberate IT to innovate new ways for the company to be brilliant.

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