Keeping Your Branch Office IT Expenses in Check

If you have ever had to contact a plumber, electrician or contractor to come out to your home or apartment to fix a problem, then you know that these service calls come with a price tag. In some cases, it may cost thousands of dollars to fix an issue such as a broken pipe or leaky roof.

The same holds true for sending IT technicians out to a remote branch to deal with a problem, only in that case it is the enterprise at large that foots the bill for the transaction. Many branch offices lack enough trained personnel to deal with complex technical issues such as WAN configuration, so this situation can become quite common.

Given the cost of building and maintaining a branch, organizations often choose to build them at a small, limited scale, with relatively few employees at each one in order to conserve resources. According to a May 2013 survey conducted by Bancography, a freestanding branch cost an average of $1.3 million to construct at that time, and 70 percent of respondents only planned to build one or two branches in the next year.

What’s the best way to keep branch office expenses in check?

Making a branch strategy work can seem daunting at first, given the choices:

  • Invest heavily in a wide variety of networking equipment, as well as associated IT personnel, to support your WAN at each and every branch location.
  • Dramatically downsize the footprint of your WAN by consolidating devices and locations.

Option #1 has a considerable price tag that seems even worse in light of the initial investment that goes into a branch. Meanwhile, option #2 can seem impossible due to the vast array of multi-vendor hardware and software environments that need to be maintained throughout your branch deployment.

However, option #2 has become much more feasible in recent years thanks to the innovations of SD-WAN and Adaptive Private Networking 5.2 from Talari Networks. An SD-WAN with APN 5.2 can consolidate all essential WAN functions, from encryption to Network Address Translation, into a single physical or virtual appliance.

“Having an SD-WAN gives you unparalleled insight into and control over your different branches.”

As a result, you can greatly reduce the number of IT personnel needed at each branch while also cutting your equipment costs. Plus, having an SD-WAN gives you unparalleled insight into and control over your different branches. You can ensure that bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP and videoconferencing get the resources they require for reliability.

Branch benefits from a Talari Networks SD-WAN

Simplifying and consolidating your branches can make your organization perform better as a whole. Branch offices, equipped with modern apps supported by a top-notch WAN, can also become crucial profit centers that help anchor company operations in different locations and bulwark vital customer-facing services.

An SD-WAN can be a big money-saver across your branches.
An SD-WAN can be a big money-saver across your branches.

Talari Networks provides granular visibility into each network path, all from a consolidated appliance. Request a custom demo today to see how you can get started on the path to a better WAN!

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