The Last Mile of Bandwidth Access: Optimizing Real-Time Enterprise Messaging Apps at the Cloud Edge

Slack, HipChat and Fleep are just a few of the new crop of real-time messaging apps that have taken the digital workplace by storm. These enterprise-messaging apps continue to expand their capabilities, tackling inbox overload once and for all, and honing in on territory once claimed by other collaboration software. These apps commonly provide one-to-one and group messaging and chat, file sharing, individual and team voice calls, video conferencing and screen sharing. They work across operating systems and devices, making it easier for people to collaborate from anywhere. Integration with operational apps is becoming more prevalent, too, so employees can get alerts on everything from sales pipeline updates to software development project milestones.

Keeping an increasing amount of action all in one place opens up a new door to improving team productivity. So it’s little wonder that the worldwide enterprise messaging app market is on a success track, with Compass Intelligence saying the market will reach more than $1.9 billion in revenues by 2019.

A Growing Hub of Work Activity

But challenges may lie ahead as more users across a distributed enterprise’s various outposts begin leveraging some of the new functions of these platforms. When these applications run across traditional wide-area networks (WANs), latency, jitter and other problematic network conditions can wreak havoc with the integrity of real-time voice and video collaboration. Teams in different departments and geographies hoping to see gains in business efficiency by gathering around a virtual meeting room could find that the videoconferencing session falls short of expected performance when the network can’t adapt in real-time to bandwidth demand.

With reliance on enterprise messaging apps growing, there’s no leeway for network outages or unreliable connections. Many enterprise-messaging apps run in the cloud, which puts even more pressure on delivering stable, fast connectivity to branch and other remote users. Unpredictable or unreliable connectivity may threaten a dispersed team’s ability to quickly find a deal-closing fact among a conversation history or to come to a fast decision via a round of real-time responses.

Enterprise messaging is becoming the hub of work-related activity, and network architects must put their WANs on the path to being able to avoid these and other hiccups at all costs.

Do Enterprise Messaging Right

With so much more riding on enterprise messaging apps, it’s imperative that organizations commit resources to the last mile of bandwidth access and a failsafe user experience for their widespread workforces, which must be able to seamlessly collaborate across geographies.

A failsafe SD-WAN promotes those ends, so that employees using Slack, HipChat or any of the new wave of workplace productivity tools will enjoy their features to the full extent, including the most media-rich among them, with the greatest performance and protection.

Talari’s Failsafe SD-WAN solution, for example:

  • Fights real-time communication pitfalls that can disrupt seamless live voice and video communications experiences by ensuring that each data packet, in some cases duplicated for redundant reliability, takes the most optimal path across the network, considering latency, packet loss, jitter and availability.
  • Eliminates missed messages and keeps these key platforms accessible by monitoring every path in the WAN, including to and from the cloud, to immediately detect link outages and automatically shift traffic to an alternate path.
  • Improves overall performance and availability even during times of congestion through application prioritization and first- and last-mile bandwidth reservation.
  • Makes it possible to achieve local Internet access to the cloud and services like enterprise messaging apps without sacrificing security, availability or quality. Multi-site organizations deploying a Talari Failsafe SD-WAN can treat the cloud like any other location on their WAN.

Learn More

If your business is beginning to take advantage of enterprise messaging apps, you should consider how a Failsafe SD-WAN can be an asset to your undertaking, too. To learn more, visit Talari.


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