The Last Mile of Enterprise Everything: Delivering a Superior Experience for VoIP

Real-time apps like VoIP can be sensitive to packet loss, jitter, latency and congestion, and in some case failed network links. If there are connection delays or lost packets, users will report a poor experience through increased support tickets, which adds cost burdens. Obviously, network outages, brownouts, dropped connections and poorly performing WAN links can turn VoIP into a busy signal or no signal—and that can seriously impact your business.

VoIP Needs a Failsafe Network

A failsafe SD-WAN with adaptive, deterministic intelligent routing keeps VoIP services running smoothly. When an SD-WAN provides the last-mile connectivity to your branch office, data center or cloud provider, employees experience excellent quality for phone calls, virtual desktop sessions and other latency-sensitive applications.

A failsafe SD-WAN chooses the best path through the network, packet by packet at every instant. An SD-WAN proactively monitors network quality, and can even switch dynamically between paths fast so that voice sessions don’t drop. The most advanced SD-WAN solutions, such as what Talari provides, can selectively duplicate packets across the network, allowing session failover in a fraction of a second, fast enough to keep the calls from dropping. Even during outages, phone calls don’t suffer from poor quality and employees can keep working without interruption.

Talari Puts the Call Through Every Time

For banks and credit unions that put customer service at a premium, Talari has become a must-have solution in the network. United Federal Credit Union in St. Joseph, MI, stayed available to members and avoided a service outage when an MPLS link to a branch office went down. With Talari’s SD-WAN solution overlaid onto the credit union’s network, access to phone calls, applications and ATMs continued without interruption and no one at the branch even noticed the network was down.

Talari had a similar impact at Driscoll’s, a century-old berry farmer in California’s Pajaro Valley. The company is known for delivering the freshest fruit, which is directly related to how quickly Driscoll’s employees can inspect each batch and enter them into the distribution facility for delivery. Time is of the essence and any delays in communication could mean a drop in product quality and profits.

Driscoll’s uses a ShoreTel IP business phone system to communicate across its farms, nurseries, distribution centers, corporate offices, and data center in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. When the WAN was up and performing well, inspectors and project managers had trouble-free communications. Unfortunately the WAN performance was spotty, causing calls to drop or complete phone outages.

Driscoll’s sites have dual connections to the Internet, and traffic is routed—packet-by-packet—over the fastest path. Time-sensitive applications like VoIP and VDI get the highest priority and are transmitted over the network links with the lowest packet loss and latency.

The Phoenix metro 911 service deployed a Talari SD-WAN to bring real-time, packet-level intelligence to the network that connects 25 public safety answering points (PSAPs) and its two data centers to ensure that emergency calls are not impacted by underlying network issues. In addition to improved WAN reliability, Phoenix has realized benefits including increased network capacity, lower costs and the ability to build a converged WAN that is the foundation for its move to Next-Generation 911. Now millions of citizen calls are guaranteed to connect and the emergency services network can rely upon continuity of communications and response resiliency in the case of a natural disaster.

Learn More

Driscoll’s is among the many Talari customers enjoying the benefits of a reliable last mile for VoIP.

You can find out more about how to lay down rock-steady, last-mile connectivity to support your VoIP and deliver superior call quality in the following white paper, “Take the Frustration out of VoIP.

In addition, this Talari video will give you further insight into how a Talari SD-WAN turns fussy VoIP communications into a problem-free service that your employees can depend on.




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