Let the SD-WAN Wars Begin!

Next week the ONUG forum kicks off their Fall get together in New York. As a participant two things jump out this time.

  1. There are a lot of “SD-WAN” vendors all of a sudden. It seems to be drawing a lot of participation from many corners.
  2. SD-WAN is a very wide market segment and means different things to different folks!

It’s clear that there are lots of angles here. Branch simplification, orchestration, application reliability etc. and we are seeing different stakes be sunk in the ground. Personally, I’m excited by this. There are a lot of very smart people taking different stances as to what is important to the end users. It means we will see some very clever ideas and technology that will drive the whole space forward, and hopefully the market consensus will consolidate what is important to the consumers of this technology. As a vendor, I can make assumptions as to what we think is important, but I’m really looking to see the reaction from the crowd of end users. What is their take on the buzz?  That’s why participation is so important because we can get a read on the audience and get validation on the key functions they need.

This Fall is also somewhat about how the SD and NFV worlds are colliding and I think we will see the early stages of interoperability between WAN functions. Right now there are several schools of thought here, and again I’m looking to see what the general consensus is to help shape our own direction. I’m also keen to understand how the enterprise looks upon NFV in their own infrastructure and how quickly they are likely to adopt or deploy a solution.

If you have plans to be at ONUG, be sure to stop by the Talari table and see what we are up to!

Categories: Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)