My Network Should be Aware

Dear Network,

I  think it’s appropriate time to write you this email as the events of the last few weeks have  resulted in late nights, lost weekends, 4  phone calls by the CIO, and 2 from the CEO, as well as impending marriage counseling. A few minutes ago I finished discussing the plan below with our head of HR  and  she has assured that I am within my rights to address these issues directly with you.  (Although  she did inquire as to my sobriety a couple times and suggest some time off might be appropriate.)

From now on, I want us both to have a clear understanding as to what I expect from my network….

My Network should be Aware that My Network works for me, I don’t work for My Network.

My Network should be Aware that blaming a network outage on a service provider does not work with my CEO.

My Network should be Aware that when the CEO calls me because a call to the Board of Directors drops twice in a hour, it is not the right time for me to discuss my budget.

My Network should be Aware that a service provider’s WAN is to be judged by its reliability, latency, load, jitter, congestion and bandwidth not by how much we pay for it or its brand name.

My Network should be Aware that it should measure and care about every packet, twice, once at the network path performance level and once at the application performance level, but it should allow me to manage it as a global solution integrated solution.

My Network should be Aware that it should not require me to individually configure every element, especially after how much its grown.

My Network should be Aware that it is expected to protect my users for me and allow me to verify that it did its job well after the fact with accurate detailed information on the network and the application.

My Network should be Aware that my users should be at the center of My Network diagrams not at the perimeter.  My attention should be on them not on it.

My Network should be Aware that My Network should  not force me to learn cryptic languages and hire specialized difficult to find (and manage) staff just to instruct it to do its job

My Network should be Aware that it should care about me as a person and work to improve my life and my job satisfaction by preventing problems that make me and my team look bad to the company

My Network should be Aware that that if it detects a problem it should do something about it, at that moment, instead of just complaining to me and waiting for me or my staff to resolve it for it while the users are disrupted.

My Network should be Aware that My Network should allow me to sleep with my phone off and make plans to spend time with my friends and family on the weekends and evenings.

My Network should be Aware the SLA I’m required to provide my company for network service is far more demanding and has far more dire consequences to my career than any SLA provided by a WAN service providers has to their business.

My Network should be Aware that I am constantly being pushed to provide more and better service for reliability, bandwidth and quality with constantly constrained budgets.

My Network should be Aware that my users are very demanding and that their expectations for performance are set with ever cheaper and higher bandwidth but  unreliable consumer broadband at home, for 3 or 4 occasional users, while I have to provide mission critical service to a business with thousands of constant users.  “My Network is better at home” speaks to their opinion of your performance and the constant scrutiny of my team.

My Network should be Aware that the sun never sets on our international operations so there is no “good” maintenance window.  The network must evolve to allow me to do maintenance while it is running mission critical traffic without affecting users adversely.

My Network should be Aware that when disruptions does happen it is My Network’s responsibility to prioritize protecting mission critical traffic first and bulk lower priority traffic last without me stepping in to do it.

My Network should be Aware that my users and my CEO don’t know or care what QoS, RSVP, DSCP or MPLS EF class is.  All they know is that important things should be dealt with as if they are important and that should be ingrained in the fundamental default operation of the network without me having to tell it to do it with a whole bunch of complex gibberish to explain why it didn’t do it job well.

My Network should be Aware and provide me detailed information on what the actual performance of my WAN service providers are not by checking once per minute of once per second, but by measuring twice per packet for WAN and Application performance.  This information will allow me to make informed intelligent buying and firing decisions to get better bang for my WAN budget buck.

My Network should be Aware that it should decide packet by packet, millisecond by millisecond, based on the current accurately assessed network performance at that time, to do the same thing I would do if I could make decisions packet by packet and millisecond by millisecond.   I can’t so it needs to.  That is why My Network is there.

My Network, we’ve come a long way together and I want you to know I appreciate all that you have done in the past.  It’s just that the world is changing and you need to adapt.  Therefore, I have decided to add Talari Networks’ products and services to the team to resolve these issues.   I know that it is not the old way of doing things or the status quo, but the old way is not good enough for today’s needs.  We need a new way and that way is going to be the Talari way. I know you’ll thank me in the long run.


John Smith  |  Director of IT
W: 555-555-5555  |  C: 555-555-5555

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