Plug and Play: How Simple Is Your SD-WAN Solution?


These days, new and exciting technological advancements are taking place almost every day, especially as capabilities like the cloud and as-a-service solutions increase. While these innovations can offer a myriad of advantages for organizations spanning all industrial sectors, they can also drive up the complexity of the network.

For these reasons, SD-WAN represents a breath of fresh air in a complicated IT environment. This technology isn’t just intelligent and impactful; it is also incredibly easy to put in place, providing the IT team with a window into important metrics and all network traffic.

However, as with any technology, not all SD-WAN solutions are equal. Talari Networks, an SD-WAN pioneer, ensures that the simplicity promised by SD-WAN remains a key piece of your next generation WAN. Our newest SD-WAN releases, including Adaptive Path Networking 6.0 and Aware 3.0, center around ease of deployment and streamlined use, and offer all the capabilities of SD-WAN in a simplified package.

The importance of ease of deployment

Network World senior editor Brandon Butler pointed out that an uncomplicated installment is one of the things that draws businesses to adopt SD-WAN.

“This ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs make SD-WAN an attractive option for many businesses,” Butler wrote.

Plug it in, watch it go: Talari Networks' SD-WAN features the easiest deployment possible.
Plug it in and watch it go: Talari Networks’ SD-WAN features the easiest deployment possible.

Talari Networks’ SD-WAN delivers a simplified deployment that impacts more areas of the organization than just the IT team. Simply plugging in and getting started with the SD-WAN system – like you can do with a Talari Networks solution – means that your business saves considerable time and money, particularly when it comes to technical support.

This also means that even if your IT staff doesn’t have personnel on site at each branch location, an SD-WAN solution can still be easily implemented since Talari delivers a centrally managed SD-WAN solution that supports remote management capabilities. In this way, any employee can plug in the SD-WAN appliance at their location, and a central IT team can ensure it is configured and in working order from wherever they are based. There’s no need for traveling or having an on-site network administrator.

Beyond deployment: Streamlined interface

“A goal of Talari Networks is to deliver on the simplicity promised by SD-WAN.”

One thing that sets Talari Networks’ SD-WAN solutions apart are the simplified user interfaces. This means that even when deployment has been completed, the technology is still exceedingly easy to use, even without extensive IT skill.

Talari Networks works to have the best understanding of the needs of today’s businesses, particularly in terms of their technological solutions. As networks continue to increase in complexity, organizations will benefit from having a simple, plug-and-play style solution in place that can deliver advanced capabilities.

To find out more, check out our white paper, and contact Talari Networks today.

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