Probes are for Planets

Consider this:  the deep space probe passes a planet and takes 1 million pictures. Scientist deduce that there is no life on said planet based on the evidence they have. And the probe disappears into the galaxy…. Only problem is the Aliens were out that day and we missed them.

The inherent problem with probes is they only see what they are looking for, at the time they look. This is why a probe designed to measure and assess network quality will only measure what is sees, and that is the quality of the probe. Depending on its frequency it is likely to miss jitter events and bursty loss (which are the main issues of the Internet). It also can’t determine the direction of these effects. Was it on the way out? Or on the way back? Now a better way would be to attach a “probe” to every packet that gets sent. Then the probe is seeing what the packet is seeing and nothing gets missed. Because really, isn’t that the point?


Categories: Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)