How SD-WAN Reliability Helps Your Professional Services Firm’s Far-Flung Users Stay Productive with Office 365

When it comes to future-proofing the firm, standardizing on Microsoft Office 365 is a logical progression for the typical professional services organization. Not only is Office 365 in many ways more secure than on-premises software, it is also the only option for maintaining ongoing access to services such as the enterprise versions of Skype for Business and OneDrive, as detailed in recent updates to the Office 365 system requirements. Plus, the suite is ideal for scaling operations to multiple sites and improving the remote-user experience on mobile devices.

But Office 365 productivity can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing organizational bandwidth both during and after the transition. A successful optimization strategy requires substantial network resources to accelerate the performance of real-time apps, while optimal long-term functionality will depend on the capacity of the WAN in question to intelligently prioritize traffic, aggregate disparate connections and keep a cap on costs for infrastructure and services.

A software-defined WAN from Talari Networks is the ticket to a more reliable, cost-effective and high-performing implementation of Office 365, especially at the network’s edge and connecting to cloud services closest to the user.What are some of the primary benefits of upgrading to an SD-WAN?

“Office 365 migration can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing company bandwidth.”

Real-time reliability for video, voice and presence

Professional services entities such as law and accounting firms have unique needs when it comes to reliably reaching their individual clients. Office 365 plays a critical role here via the video conferencing, call recording and VoIP capabilities of Skype for Business. A failsafe SD-WAN guarantees rock-solid connectivity for these real-time applications by sending their packets down the best possible network paths, whether over MPLS, broadband or other connection(s). The Talari SD-WAN platform uniquely measures unidirectionally the loss, jitter and latency of each packet in milliseconds as it traverses the network, and allocates the sustained utilization of bandwidth required by high-priority QoS packets such as cloud-voice SaaS.

An SD-WAN gives you better utilization of bandwidth for applications such as Office 365.
An SD-WAN gives you better utilization of bandwidth for applications such as Office 365.

Superior technology at branch and remote offices

Outside of the main corporate offices, workers still need reliable tools for communicating and collaborating. The market for unified communications has expanded in recent years as organizations have sought a consistent, dependable experience across all sites. UC could be a $143 billion market by 2024, according to Grand View Research, and already over half of organizations use Skype for Business, per an Exinda report. A simple-to-deploy SD-WAN can serve as a “branch-in-a-box” that quickly and comprehensively shores up tech like UC at sites that would otherwise struggle with shortages of technical personnel and overly complex WANs.

Better overall security for your operations

An SD-WAN can serve as an important cog within your larger security posture. Office 365 itself is a major boost to cybersecurity since it automates routine tasks, can be quickly updated as new patches become available and is strengthened by threat intelligence. An SD-WAN provides additional protection in the form of data encryption as well as integration with preventive tools such as next-generation firewalls.

Office 365 is an everyday utility in the professional services world. Be sure you have the best possible supporting infrastructure for it, in the form of an SD-WAN. Learn more today by requesting a demo or contacting us directly.

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