SD-WAN Subscription Model – More Choice from Talari

Subscriptions have a long and storied history. The word subscription originates from the Latin subscribere, or “to write beneath” with the modern word and meaning coming from middle English in the 15th century. Not too surprising that subscriptions became popular in the area of publishing starting in the 17th century as a way to secure a customer commitment before a published work was made available. Interesting to consider that in even in the 17th century the concept of a student knocking on your door trying to sell you a literary subscription as they worked their way through college was a possibility.

Let’s fast forward to the modern area and take a look at how subscriptions can help in another area: acquiring an SD-WAN. We at Talari have been hearing the following common concern being raised by a small, but growing, number of IT professionals as they explore our SD-WAN solution:

“We love the idea of deploying an SD-WAN and being able to reap the benefits of increased application reliability and performance along with improved WAN scalability and agility, but budget constraints are forcing us to delay the project.”

In response to this challenge, Talari has just announced a subscription payment option that help customers in this situation deploy an SD-WAN solution in a simple and cost-effective way that eliminates the need to pay the entire cost upfront. The concept is straightforward and familiar to most of us who have a cable or satellite TV arrangement. In the case of Talari, you sign up for an initial commitment and are billed on a quarterly or annual basis for the equipment and software that you subscribed to. The longer your commitment, the lower your price. Just like with the cable or satellite company, you rent the supporting equipment and software over the subscription term.

With Talari, the subscription model covers all existing appliances hardware, virtual products, and Talari Aware management software. Since the subscription rate bundles support and maintenance, ordering and billing is simplified with the subscription. Another nice subscription benefit is the ability to add additional products or upgrade from a hardware series L (Low) to an H (High) platform at any time as your needs and requirements change.

What happens at the end of the subscription, customers have a couple of options:
• Renew for a new 1, 2 or 3-year term
• Allow you to continue with no new contractual obligation at the current rate
• Return the hardware and software and end the subscription

Keep in mind that subscription pricing is an addition to our existing perpetual licensing model which is still available. With the perpetual licensing model, you purchase products for a one-time charge and then pay separately for ongoing maintenance and support.

One of the benefits of a Talari SD-WAN and subscription pricing combination is organizations can now limit or eliminate their investment in MPLS and transfer the monthly MPLS circuit savings to cover part or the entire cost of a Talari solution; starting their journey towards a next generation SD-WAN which delivers increased agility, improved resiliency and lower costs than their existing WAN.

With the addition of the subscription pricing model you now have another great way to bring the benefits that a Talari SD-WAN enables into your network today. Would you like to learn more? Take a moment to request a consultation with a Talari sales representative.

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