An SD-WAN Valentine’s Day: Fall In Love With Your Network All Over Again

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that means love is surely in the air. For enterprises that have leveraged the power of a software defined WAN, there’s no love lost between their users and the network. Those depending on legacy setups, however, might be feeling a little sour when it comes to their bandwidth support and reliability.

Thankfully, an SD-WAN solution can help you fall in love with your corporate network all over again.

Segmentation and prioritization: Diamonds in the rough

“When a person finds their soul mate, something simply clicks. The same is true for network solutions.”

When a person finds his or her soul mate, something simply clicks. It’s like the old saying goes, “One day, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.” The same is true for network solutions.

Your company may have tried a few different systems over the years. But once your organization puts SD-WAN technology in place, you’ll quickly realize why this solution is becoming one of the most popular options for network improvement.

SD-WAN solutions have unique capabilities that help set them apart from other network strategies. The most notable here include the ability to segment and prioritize traffic, depending upon the company’s and user’s needs.

In this way, critical apps including VoIP and videoconferencing take priority and are ensured support and top-notch performance.

Swoon for seamless failover

Another reason to love SD-WAN technology is its ability to support seamless failover. In many cases, users aren’t even aware that an outage has taken place as traffic is quickly rerouted to the best possible path across the network.

Meritrust Credit Union recently realized this particular benefit. In the past, an outage not only created headaches for staff attempting to connect with company resources, it also hampered customers’ ability to utilize ATMs. With Talari’s Software Defined THINKING SD-WAN, however, this problem became a thing of the past. This enabled better customer service across the board.

An SD-WAN solution can make all the difference when it comes to your company's network performance.

An SD-WAN solution can make all the difference when it comes to your company’s network performance.

Continual support for growth

Growth within the context of a relationship is a good thing, as it can mean becoming closer with someone that’s already important. Growth in network activity, however can put a strain on legacy networking setups. This is another area in which SD-WAN solutions excel. Whether your organization is adding a new branch office or implementing new applications, an SD-WAN makes it possible to more effectively leverage the aggregate links already available. In this way, the company can utilize its bandwidth to the fullest.

This was the experience Lextron, Inc. had with Talari’s SD-WAN solution. Organic growth and an uptick in network activity was putting stress on the network. Thankfully, SD-WAN technology enabled the company to virtualize its WAN using aggregate connectivity links.

“Finally somebody gets it,” Lextron’s IT Director Tim Hays said. “Talari’s SD-WAN technology allows us to route each packet over the best, most reliable route, over multiple paths, whether those are private line, MPLS, DSL, cable modem, or whatever.”

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