Start the New Year with Talari at the Gartner Data Center I/O event!

Have you been considering an SD-WAN solution for your network?  Come meet Talari at the Gartner Data Center I/O event in Las Vegas, December 7-10 to start the new-year with an intelligent WAN that can think for itself and make your network absolutely brilliant!

But don’t just take our word for it!  Come see why Gartner, one of the world’s largest leading information technology research and advisory companies, is calling the SD-WAN the next big evolution in business networking.

According to Gartner’s seminal report on the emerging SD-WAN market authored by Andrew Lerner and Neil Rickard, (two leading Gartner analysts focused on enterprise networking), the SD-WAN global market is expected to reach $8 Billion over the next several years!

The report highlights that SD-WAN technology resolves some of the most pressing WAN problems clients currently face when building and managing hybrid WANs, and provides the greatest benefit for organizations that have a large number of branches, are looking to reduce the management complexity of their WAN, and need to reduce the cost of their existing WAN equipment and operations.  The following are some key recommendations presented by Andrew and Neil:

·  Network architects should modernize traditional WAN infrastructures that were previously optimized for delivering all services via corporate data centers.
·  Enterprises struggling with device complexity and/or high WAN transport or equipment costs should pilot SD-WAN solutions in their branch offices.
·  Organizations looking to build hybrid WANs and/or refresh branch WAN equipment should include SD-WAN solutions on their shortlists.
·  Enterprises using managed WAN services should pilot SD-WAN solutions offered by their managed WAN service providers.

You might be wondering just how does a network become intelligent with Talari?  Quite simply, our THINKING SD-WAN enables the network to make real-time decisions about the treatment of each data packet, with full awareness of the quality of each link. The technology allows the best possible path to be selected for critical traffic – such as that associated with UC, video and voice systems – to ensure that issues like latency and jitter don’t impact the end-user experience.  If a link fails, the data is seamlessly shifted to prevent packet loss and avoid business disruption. The result? Disaster recovery is transformed into business continuity!

Talari has solved network issues for hundreds of customers across 35 countries, in thousands of locations.  So why not turn your bandwidth into BRAINWIDTH?

Come visit our booth, # 675 to see for yourself how our leading SD-WAN solution can transform your network today!

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