Talari Aware = Excellence in SDN

Last week Talari was recognized for excellence in SDN. More specifically, Talari Aware was called out for advancing SDN technology and demonstrating leadership within the technology. We’re excited to be recognized in this way, and I wanted to share with our community some of the reasons why Talari Aware was cited.

SDN has brought virtualization to the network, creating networks that are more responsive and agile. SD-WAN solutions such as Talari are extending the architecture and goals of SDN into the WAN space, creating a virtual overlay network on WAN connections that is abstracted from the underlying physical network. This gives applications that are using the WAN a reliable, high-quality connection that is isolated from underlying network issues such as outages or intermittent loss or high latency.

But the decoupling of virtual from physical brings a unique set of challenges when it comes to monitoring the network and reporting on application performance and quality. After all, the measurement of any one link is irrelevant in a architecture where a single session can be on multiple links simultaneously and can move many times as the underlying physical network changes state.

Talari Aware brings a unique approach to managing the problem by providing three levels of data collection, analysis and reporting:

Physical Layer – Talari measure the loss, latency, jitter, availability and congestion of every path in the WAN with every packet that traverses the WAN. This creates an extremely detailed repository of network information based on ACTUAL application data – not probe data, not occasional test data and not round trip ping times.

Virtual Layer – The applications use the virtual WAN connections, which may be composed of multiple changing physical links. Talari captures information about the virtual links themselves, including the aggregate quality, congestion and performance. It also tracks which applications are using the links and what the overall traffic patterns are.

Application Layer – Because the only true test of the network is how applications performance across it, Talari Aware also collects information on the application layer. It measures the quality that each session receives across the WAN, using common scoring methods such as MOS for voice traffic. This allow IT manager and business units to see how a specific application performed across the WAN and helps isolate problems. This is particularly important when the application is hosted in a cloud data center or offered via SaaS. Because IT has little control over the applications themselves, they can use Talari Aware to validate that performance issues were or were not a consequence of the cloud access network itself.

This ability to collect information from each layer and present it in clear, aggregated and correlated views is necessary to understand how the software defined network is performing at every level and will be key to the larger acceptance of virtual network architectures.




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