The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Talari at VMWorld 2015!

While there may be over 300 exhibitors at VMWorld San Francisco, no-one is as dedicated to network performance and reliability as Talari!  Visit our booth (#2607) to learn how Talari, the leading provider of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions is changing the way companies think about, create and manage their WAN by giving the network brainwidth.

  • TALARI PROACTIVELY MANAGES CAPACITY, RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Talari’s THINKING WAN proactively manages each and every data packet based upon predetermined centralized policies and up-to-the-millisecond knowledge of the network.   There’s comprehensive and then there’s Talari’s approach—a rigorous, analytical, even cognitive solution delivering the most granular analysis of the network possible. Talari identifies problems before they happen, routing data across the best possible connection to deliver an unfettered workflow for every application and department.
  • A SOFTWARE DEFINED WAN SOLUTION THAT’S MORE INTELLIGENT. Talari’s SD-WAN technology creates an overlay network decoupled from the individual wide area network, links and hardware components. This allows Talari’s solution to take advantage of all available WAN connections and centralize policy control for WAN traffic flow classification and prioritization, while also affording 360-degree visibility into the entire WAN fabric. The result? Simply a better way to WAN.
  • ALL YOUR BANDWIDTH UTILIZED. ALL THE TIME. With Talari, your network is no longer a bottleneck thwarting productivity—beholden to the low capacity and high cost of old-line MPLS. For the first time, all of your bandwidth is utilized, even the backup links that used to sit idle the majority of the time. Greater utilization means bandwidth per dollar costs are lowered and the need to add future bandwidth through costlier approaches is mitigated. And the possible return on your investment extends well beyond network performance when you can realize MPLS-like QoS on Internet links.
  • RESPOND AND ADAPT AT THE SPEED OF BUSINESS. Set your business free with Talari and gain the newfound ability to adapt and evolve as the market demands.  This means you can easily deliver key applications that can become a competitive advantage. Or move confidently to the cloud knowing you have control and visibility. Open new office locations without waiting for MPLS connections. Or even expand into more remote areas with wireless and satellite links. With Talari, your network won’t hold you back.
  • A THINKING WAN FREES UP YOUR OWN TIME TO THINK AND INNOVATE. Perhaps most importantly, with Talari you get a simplified network that’s easier to administer and that thinks for itself, without any need for human or manual intervention. One that identifies and addresses issues before anyone becomes aware they have occurred. Even the partial degradation of one network connection is deftly side-stepped by Talari’s ability to route and reroute data as needed in real time. This frees up IT’s own think time, enabling administrators to innovate the next big breakthrough, focus on real-time challenges, and help the company be brilliant.

We’ve packed up our boxes, finalized our giveaways and we can’t wait to meet you in person in San Francisco!

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