Thoughts from Enterprise Connect: Why the WAN matters

We just spent a great few days at Enterprise Connect in Orlando. Obviously voice solutions were everywhere, but video and collaboration platforms are starting to dominate. Most people we talked to take VoIP for granted and are now moving aggressively to deploy other forms of communication.

Unfortunately, many of those same people take the WAN for granted as well. They’ll spend countless hours selecting the right Unified Communication platform and getting it configured just right, but not put the same thought into the network across which it runs. And I get that. The WAN isn’t the coolest part of UC. It doesn’t talk, or move, or encourage collaboration. It generally just sits there moving data from one part of an organization to another – noticed only when it doesn’t work.

So why should they care about the WAN?

Because the network can make all the difference to how well UC performs. No amount of care and attention to the selection and deployment of a UC platform can overcome the damage from a poorly performing WAN. And with Talari, the WAN doesn’t just perform better – it doesn’t just carry data from one place to another – it acts intelligently to make sure that UC performance is at its best while not allowing it to impact the performance of other business critical applications that it shares the network with.

How Talari helps

At the show, we highlighted a few ways that Talari helps organizations with UC performance.

Outages Will Go Unnoticed – All networks fail at some point- regardless of carrier or technology. Whether it’s a short blip or a multi-day outage, Talari will make sure  users don’t notice. And if the outage results in restricted bandwidth,  business critical applications will continue to take priority.

Sessions Will Not Drop – A network outage or intermittent quality issues will not interrupt outgoing calls or video sessions. Your callers will never notice even as Talari shifts traffic on the underlying network to adapt to changes in quality and network traffic demand.

Bandwidth Will Cost Less– Because Talari ensures the highest quality paths will be used even while using broadband links, the bandwidth growth to support UC can be accomplished through less expensive links. This means less money spent on the network and lots of additional bandwidth.

Traffic Will Take the Best Path – With Talari, the data traffic to support UC and business applications will always be directed on the best route through the network – one where latency, loss, or jitter won’t affect the quality of the application.

Latency Will Be Sidelined – We know tha slow networks can wreak havoc on UC quality. With Talari, your time-sensitive traffic always takes the fastest route- and not just based on round trip measurements. We know the fastest way there and the fastest way back.

Priorities Will Be Enforced – Every business has a different idea of what’s important and Talari makes sure those priorities are reflected in the network. If voice is critical, then Talari will ensure there is always available bandwidth for your peak voice usage, even across non-MPLS links.

The bottom line – once Talari is in the network, you really can go back to taking your WAN for granted.

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