Wake Me Up…

… before you go-go.

There was a news story years ago about a guy who got stuck under his car after an accident.  Although it took more than six hours to find him, he was physically banged up but suffered serious mental anguish at having to endure listening to a WHAM! Cassette tape over and over and over and at maximum volume until his rescue.

What does George Michael have to do with WAN’s you say?

Well just imagine setting up your network and then having to live with those settings—whether they’re right, not quite right, or just plain wrong—until the next scheduled network downtime.

It’s still notable to me that since I began setting up routers way back in the 80s, the majority of networks still require serious downtime to reconfigure things and change settings.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if you could change your settings (or hit the skip button on your music player) as needed?  Well the music players have it, Wide Area Network gear …. Hmmmm.

In order to enable full software defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), you must be able to make most changes dynamically and as needed.  At Talari, it’s there.

So wake me up, before you go-go … but you don’t have to turn it off and reboot.

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