What Does It Mean To Be An SD-WAN Company?

SD-WAN is a terminology going through its defining stages. There are many IT research and analysis companies trying to define it as I write this blog post. In a nutshell, what does it mean to be an SD-WAN company? Here is what I think it means. It means being resilient, available, secure, and reliable. Now these are some key buzz words, but what does it actually mean to the average IT professional? We see these buzz words all the time but we need to break them down to common language.

The best way to break this down is by an example. Let’s say, on a given network, you have voice, video, email, CIFS, Sharepoint, FTP, DHCP, NTP, TFTP, RCP, and various other protocols including home-grown applications going across your network, including storage. In today’s environment, we have multiple links accessing a hybrid network, a mixture of proprietary hardware and third party cloud providers. In this complex environment, the end users at any given company need access to resources. These resources are the various files, emails, and compute located at these different environments, locally or in the cloud. SD-WAN will provides this access. What Talari will do is combine your links into one logical big link, a BIG pipe or “conduit” as we call it. In doing so, it will create a resiliency like no other. It will reserve the bandwidth needed for your mission critical applications all the while the “other” traffic isn’t compromised. In the event you lose a link, nothing is dropped due to the cutting edge way Talari processes the packet. Talari includes the option of sending packets down multiple paths for some applications – typically low bandwidth but packet loss sensitive applications like voice and VDI – so your data is always available. All the while, the entire communication between the nodes is managed securely by encrypting all packets across the WAN. In the end, you have a reliable network with all applications running smoothly and the mission-critical applications perform optimally. No other vendor can handle your video and voice, as well as the mixture of all other traffic, like Talari.

Finally, and probably the most important aspect of any SD-WAN is orchestration. For Talari, it is managing and configuring the entire WAN from a single pane of glass. This makes configuration and administration easy. Furthermore, the detailed information gathered by our patented solution, will provide in-depth reporting on WAN links and adjust preferences on paths based on this information. It’s as close to self-aware computing as one can get.

All of these facts are what the right SD-WAN will provide for a given company. I am proud to say, I am now working for the leader in SD-WAN, Talari. Move over, Talari is the clear leader in the SD-WAN space and has been providing their solutions to customers for over half a decade. It’s a proven technology with hundreds of happy enterprise customers.

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