Who You Gonna Call?

Wouldn’t the world of network troubleshooting be a better place if a phone call generated a Ghostbusters-type response to a network outage?  The stylishly uniformed guys show up with their Ecto-Goggles, Proton Packs, P.K.E. Meters and Atomic Destablizer in tow, ready to rid the network of any and all manner of disruptive issues, whether man-made or other dimensional.


For most folks troubleshooting and resolving a network issue seems more along the lines of “We made the call, but then it just came back up and we’re not precisely sure what happened”.  Carriers and other service providers are often contractually motivated to keep a very significant amount of information about what’s going on (especially during an outage) in their networks.  Where does that leave you? … in the dark at a minimum.

It’s hard enough to be working the service provider’s support infrastructure to resolve a problem, but when you combine that with trying to juggle the deluge of incoming calls from your user community …. you’re probably not going to have the best day ever.

With a Talari SD-WAN solution deployed, those slick little appliances shape all your traffic around slowdowns and outages so that your users enjoy uninterrupted network uptime.  At the same time they are providing you an unparalleled level of information about what is occurring (or more importantly, has occurred) in your network.  Carrier diversity is now possible and true business continuity can be realized — all without a complete refresh of every piece of network gear presently installed, establishing a new address scheme, redesigning workflow and application set up.

Proton Packs optional …. and don’t cross the streams, because that would be bad.

Categories: Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Network Reliability