Why your marketing department will love SD-WAN

It’s hard to find an enterprise marketing department that isn’t full of busy workers looking to get the word out about the company and its services. This requires a lot of energy and effort to ensure that promotions go smoothly and potential customers hear about the business and its offerings. Now, more than ever, these employees depend upon connectivity for their work pursuits.

If your marketing team members are anything like ours, they love any solution that can help streamline processes and make their jobs easier. One way to do this is with an SD-WAN, a technology that’s sure to be a hidden gem the marketing department will find invaluable in keeping their productivity moving.

What tools does the marketing department depend on?
More often than not, employees in the marketing department represent the face of the organization, reaching out to partners and publicists to put the company in the limelight. In these respects, there are a few key tools needed to complete these critical tasks. These include:

Your marketing team depends on a lot of tools to get their jobs done, many of which depend on network connectivity. Your marketing team depends on a lot of tools to get their jobs done, many of which depend on network connectivity.
  • Email: The majority of business communications now take place via email, and your marketing department depends on this avenue not only for contact, but to send along important materials and documents to support ongoing marketing efforts.
  • VoIP calling: Today’s marketing departments also rely on VoIP systems for one-on-one discussions  and one-to-many conferences with coworkers, vendors and partners.
  • Marketing automation systems: Systems like Marketo, Salesforce, Eloqua, Hubspot and others are a critical system for managing lead generation campaigns and engaging prospects and customers. It’s important that MAS users are able to access this critical resource quickly and easily without network delays.
  • Traveling apps: Many marketing efforts rely on face-to-face interactions, making travel a necessity. Hoovers pointed out that today’s workers depend on travel apps to organize airline, hotel, rental car and other arrangements and make sure expenses are kept in check.
  • Digital signature capabilities: Documents need to be signed even when in-person meetings aren’t feasible, and Hoovers noted that apps like DocuSign make this possible. This enables the marketing team to keep business humming along and ensure authorization.

One thing that all of these solutions have in common is connectivity: These resources and applications need the proper network support in order to work correctly and support productivity. Whether operating from a main office or branch location, the business must provide the best network environment that can enable an optimal end-user experience. One of the best ways to do this is with an SD-WAN solution.

“Applications like email and calendars are fast and responsive, and VoIP calls are crystal clear. What’s not to love?”

How can SD-WAN help?
Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN solution not only ensures that apps are properly supported, but can mitigate the issues that hamper their use, including jitter and packet loss. Just imagine, for example, one of your marketing team members is on the phone with an important contact negotiating a joint marketing campaign when availability impacts the call, causing it to be dropped. This is not only frustrating, but can prevent your employee from getting the information she needs to launch the campaign on schedule.

This is the type of problem staff members at Dayton Superior faced with their lackluster network architecture. The company’s MPLS circuits were prone to failure, causing dropped VoIP calls and canceled application sessions. In order to address these issues and allow for seamless failover, the organization deployed Talari’s THINKING WAN, ensuring that critical resources were always available to employees.

“Users have a better experience with Talari,” said Dave Badgley, Dayton Superior’s senior systems engineer. “Even if a network problem occurs, phone calls and applications don’t drop, so they don’t have to reconnect.”

With SD-WAN technology in place, employees no longer has to deal with less-than-perfect performance from their essentials tools. The solution measures each path across the network for jitter, latency, availability and packet loss, ensuring that critical traffic – like that associated with the marketing team’s most important tools – is prioritized and takes the best possible path. With this solution, applications like email and video conferencing are fast and responsive, and VoIP calls are crystal clear. What’s not to love?

To learn more about SD-WANs, read Gartner’s latest report and see how such a solution can make a difference for your marketing team.

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