Application Quality Issues Resolved for Dayton Superior with Talari SD-WAN

Talari’s SD-WAN delivers rock-solid application performance via superior application quality for Dayton Superior.

“Users have a better experience with Talari, because even if a network problem occurs, phone calls and applications don’t drop, so they don’t have to reconnect.” Dave Badgley, Senior Systems Engineer, Dayton Superior

Executive Summary

Dayton Superior

30 locations in the Americas and Asia

Key Applications
VoIP, ERP and desktop virtualization

Prevent business interruption when a WAN circuit fails and maximize use of backup links


  • Talari SD-WAN
  • Talari Aware


  • Delivered superior user experience for ShoreTel voice and VDI
  • Gained ability to use backup circuits full time, not only when a primary link fails
  • Avoided spending $1 million over three years
  • Leveraging broadband Internet for faster, lower-cost connections